Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pikes Peak

Six years ago, we took the girls up Pikes Peak ~ but neither of them remember it and Samuel wasn't even born yet! It was definitely worth the repeat trip, plus after living here almost 30 years, my Mom hadn't ridden the train to the top either! Of course, you can also drive up which she has done several times but I don't think any of us would recommend that!

My Dad wore his Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent shirts - can you believe people really run to the top and/or both up and down? Not for me, thanks!

We had fun watching the yellow-bellied marmots shown above and yes, that is SNOW! It was 27 degrees at the top and our children seemed most interested in playing in the snow. Super cute.

While at the top, you must have a yummy donut too and we had hot chocolate to warm up!

We sang America the Beautiful quite a few times that day as we remembered the visit Katherine Lee Bates took up the mountain and its inspiration to write the beloved song.


Ginger said...

My ex-husband was from Canon City, and I remember when we went to Colorado in August of 1992, I was amazed at snow on the ground at the highest summit we climbed. I know the children were thrilled to play in snow in June, remembering the heat of SC.

Mom said...

Great photos of a fun day!
Love you, Mom

Lauren (in Savannah) said...

You were smart to bring mittens and coats. How does the weather on Pikes Peak compare to where your parents live?

*carrie* said...

Fun to click back and see the pix of the little girlies.

I knew Dad would be wearing his ascent shirt(s)!

The Mayo Family said...

Thanks for yet another enjoyable and interesting stop! We have really enjoyed...'traveling' with your sweet lil-family this spring! Smile...
You are blessed to have your parents to enjoy these times with your children, as one day they will have these as special memories!
Lori for our family

Catherine said...

That scenery is really spectacular, Monica. Such a treat to see (and so very different) from all the way over here!