Monday, May 27, 2013

Spontaneous Fun and Sweet Friends

Our next stop took us through St. Louis and as I was driving along the interstate, I thought of how many times we have driven by the Arch! I have been up close and even up to the top before but my children have not - so I decided why not stop and have a little fun together! Make memories!!!

Samuel and I ended up not being too keen on the elevator ride and being up at the top - I never used to be afraid of heights, but think I am getting less ok with them! A nice security guard mentioned the Jr. Park Ranger program and all three of our children completed it and earned a neat badge. We were a little rushed there - but we had such a great time and I love how much my children enjoy these kinds of things.

Then we drove to spend the night with dear, sweet Katie and her precious family! Even though I woke up with a sore throat that morning, and hesitated to keep our plans for fear of getting her family sick - they graciously said we were still welcome and blessed us with such warm hospitality, good food and wonderful fellowship. What a blessing they are! And, Katie had fixed this darling basket for me and a second to deliver to Carrie. What a treat!


*carrie* said...

Fun to see pix from your time in STL. You're right about your kids and their enjoyment of educational things!

Glad you got to see Katie. Those baskets were so sweet and thoughtful!

Lauren (in Savannah) said...

What a sweet friend to welcome you with that cozy basket. My sister and I do that for each other when we visit each other. Ours usually include candles, chocolate...things like that.
GLad your kids enjoyed their spontaneous adventure! My yougest used to be scared of elevators and I had to hold her but she called them "alligators".....hmmmm maybe that is why-lol
P.S.>>You and your friend have a resemblance...

Anonymous said...

I went up in the Arch when I was a kid. The lights went out on us and the little cart stopped for a bit. It was quite scary. I just remember how high up we were when we got to the top. It sounds like you've had a neat road trip.

Anonymous said...

What fun memories for you & your kiddos. (Not to mention for me!!)
That parking garage just to the left of the courthouse was where my Dad's filling station and parking lot once stood. As children, my brother Rich & I PLAYED in that very area!
So glad you got to do this fun activity. Love you, Grandma/Nana

~katie~ said...

Awwww....what a treat to arrive home and read these sweet words!

Thank YOU for blessing us with your company! Praying you are feeling much better now and are having a wonderful time with family!

Thanks again~