Friday, March 01, 2013

Family Night: Wedding Fun

Since we celebrated our anniversary last week, we thought it would be fun to watch our wedding video with our littles and let them experience a bit of our life then. We hadn't watched it in several years and I'm pretty sure never with our kids.

David had to teach a class the next day so had a projector and screen on loan from his work - this made a fun and impromptu movie screen in the living room!

After watching the video, I told the girls they could try on my wedding dress! What fun ~ and, for the record - Samuel hid in my closet while the girls were giddy with trying on fun :)

And, in a fun spontaneous turn of events - we were recently thrilled to welcome the dear man who married us and his wife into our home. Almost nine years exactly since we'd seen them and what a lovely evening we had together!


LynnMarie said...

OK I gotta ask - Does the dress still fit you? I was hopping for a photo of you in it. What fun for the girls however.

angie said...

Your day was made so special by some unplanned additions: use of a projector, hosting your marriage pastor, girls trying on your gown!

How fitting that there is tulle hanging in the background of the pictures with the girls in your gown. They must be in awe of the preciousness of marriage. I wish my gown were more accessible--it is preserved inside of a box. Hmm...I should open the box to confirm that it really is my dress in there!

I noticed the tree collage frames on the wall behind your pictures of you and your guests. Did you make those? Have you ever posted about them?

Mom said...

Oh how fun!! I'm not sure I've ever seen your wedding video -- is that the one Kelly took? Wow -- seeing the girls in your dress is very sweet -- they look beautiful, as you did! Love you, Mom

*carrie* said...

You've gotten a lot more use out of your dress post-wedding. Mine's been in storage for years! (Not that mine would fit anyway, though now I'm curious!)

~katie~ said...

Beautiful brides-to-be ~ what a fun mommy you are! Love the big-screen event sharing with the family ~ so neat! Very special that the pastor that married you was able to come for a visit too. I imagine it was a blessing to him and his wife to see the godly parents you both have become!

Thanks for sharing ~ have a blessed weekend!

Mother of Many said...

What an excellent idea! Such a sweet thing to do. I'm going to find my video and do this! Great idea!

Mother of Many said...

Amazing! I'm going to do this! Love! Love! Love!

Davonne Parks said...

Congratulations on nine years! My nine year wedding anniversary will be in August and I've thought of doing something similar with my family.