Monday, March 11, 2013

Easter Eggs

Recently, I came across this link for silhouette eggs - lovely! And, it quickly reminded me of this link I've had pinned for a while. I promptly wrote a friend and asked if I could have her make me some vinyl stickers on her Silhouette Machine for which she would accept no payment and graciously extended an invite to have lunch and make the craft together - yay!

I am grateful she had done a bit of research on the idea as it really helped things go smoothly. For example, we did not want to do hard boiled but blown out eggs so they would last more than one year which reminded us that we needed to dye our eggs before blowing them out or they would float and things like that.

Here's what we did to make our eggs ~

* designed our vinyl stickers and cut out using a Silhouette {I would think you could use regular stickers too - not sure how well they would hold up during dying?}

* wiped eggs with vinegar to clean the shell and help dye to adhere

* dry shell thoroughly and adhere vinyl sticker

* dye eggs in tea {we used ten tea bags and allowed the tea mixture to steep for about an hour and cool so it would not cook the eggs inside the shells}

* dried shells with a hair dryer

* used a thick long needle to poke holes in the top and bottom of the shells and blow out eggs

* remove vinyl stickers and save to reuse again; I want to make some more and leave some of the vinyl stickers on because I also love how that looks

I am so pleased with how they turned out! And, love that I can save them and reuse in future years.

Enjoy a few pictures:

Display Items:
* "Jesus" eggs are in a gray cardboard egg carton - I just cut the other row and lid off.
* As for me and my family tray from Blessings Unlimited {now discontinued}
* Berry Boxes from Shop Sweet Lulu.
* Egg cups and vintage Jell-O tins - thrifted.
* Filler in the bottom of the tray - dried split peas.
* Canning Jar - gift.
* Glass Votive Holder {on top of candle holder} - Michael's or thrift store.
* Robin's Eggs inside of canning jar - gift.


Mom said...

Lovely -- and fun to do with a friend. :) Love, Mom

Wendi said...

These turned out great! I plan to do something like this with the kids using craft store eggs and stickers. I especially like the egg with the thorns.

angie said...

I'm glad you had the forethought to make these re-usable for future years. So much time and effort went into their creation.
(Speaking of saving decor from year to year...are those robin's eggs from a swap I sent you many years ago? wow--you must carefully pack away your holiday decor.)
If we don't have time to do this process, we may write on the eggs with white crayon. Beautiful combination of secular and spiritual traditions.

Julie said...

These are beautiful!

*carrie* said...

Wow, Monica, that is so neat! Glad they turned out so well.

Jessica said...

Beautiful job on your eggs. I especially think the crown of thorn is beautiful. Great job!!