Thursday, February 07, 2013

Samuel's Disney Trip!

Well, what started as sort of a crazy idea several years ago has come full circle! Because of a promo Disney was running when Emily turned five, we decided to take each of our kids to Disney World when they turned five. Just the birthday child and mama and daddy. It has made for some great memories and we have treasured these individual days with our littles. Truly, we could not have done this three times without David's aunt and uncle who have allowed us to stay with them and taken care of the other two children on our Disney days. Huge thanks!

All that said, it was Samuel's turn this year and the girls have done their part in talking it up to him! I'll admit the day had a considerably different theme! Instead of princesses and girly things with Emily and Rachel - this time was all robots, lasers, cars and such.

We continued to do Disney World on as low of a budget as possible -
* we stayed with family
* we drove our car {had to pay parking - $14}
* we saved up for the tickets and stayed almost the whole time they were open to maximize our tickets
* we rented a locker for $12 and took our own food and water bottles, at the end of day with a returned key - we got $5 back {$7}
* when some friends gave Samuel some clothes I saved out this Mickey Mouse shirt to give him to wear on his birthday {free!}
* we ate dinner after leaving the park for the night at a close by Chick-fil-A, I used two coupons for free chicken sandwiches {the ones you get for completing their surveys} for a thrifty dinner

I took a picture of his birthday button because there was no.way. he was going to wear it. :) A couple of staff picked up on it being pinned to my bag and wished him a happy day anyway!

I loved it that on the ride from the parking lot to the ticket counters we rode the tram and Samuel thought it was SO fun! I was so pleased that he was tickled over such a simple thing. Then he chose the ferry for crossing into the Magic Kingdom.

How is this place always so busy?! We skipped walking through this crowd and took the train back to the new part of Fantasy Land where we, of course, had to ride the Dumbo ride for our little elephant lover - Rachel!

Then this little guy had his sights set on the race cars! This was our first of what became three visits to this same ride! And, we ran into our friends Melissa and Jane! We did know we were both going to be there the same day, but didn't know if we'd find each other so it was fun!

Next we were off to the Buzz Lightyear ride {no good pix from this} and Goofy's Barnstormer Roller Coaster {Samuel was not a fan of this fast ride} and then we headed back to the front to pick up our lunch. How fun that there was a parade on Main Street as we were sitting atop the train station eating and the show came up there and finished! An unexpected treat! Though I realize I didn't get any pictures - only video of that. The horse photo is for Emily - the horse lover in the house.

I had brought cupcakes for after lunch, perhaps you saw them on my Slow Day post? I hope so because I FORGOT to take his photo with a cupcake on his actual birthday. But, we did sing to him and I clearly caught the evidence of cupcake all around his mouth!

We didn't get a good photo with Mickey - and Samuel was quite shy about meeting him, but the line was super short and I thought we should sneak it in while we could!

Then it was off for some boyish {Samuel's word!} adventure on Tom Sawyer's Island and the Jungle Cruise!

We were next back on the train heading for Samuel's choice - yes, the race cars! It was fun to spot Woody and Jessie from the train!

Sweet things Samuel said during the day,

"This is such a fun day!"
"Look at the pretty flowers Mama!" {several times!}
"I wish the girls were here, they would love this! {during the Electrical Parade}

A trip around Tomorrow Land as the sun was beginning to set and then back to Buzz Lightyear and yes, you guessed it - the race cars!

Back to Main Street for the Electrical Parade!

I think this little guy was worn out! Moments after leaving Chick-fil-A, he slept like this the hour back to where we were staying:

The girls also had fun going to the Old Spanish Sugar Mill where you can bake your pancakes on a griddle built right into your table!

Who knows when or if we'll ever go back to Disney World ~ but we sure have enjoyed these three visits with each of our five year olds! Here's Emily's visit and here is Rachel's.

When I asked Samuel what his favorite part of the day was he said, "Buzz Lightyear and the cars!" Yes it was a very fun day!


Mom said...

What FUN!! Thanks for sharing these precious and priceless memories! :) Love, Mom

Peggy said...

AH how sweet! I am glad he had such a wonderful day and thank you for sharing with us!!!

Lauren (in Savannah) said...

Happy Birthday Samuel! Looks like you had a really fun day! He did great even standing there with you for the character picture. My 7 year old HATES to be the center of attention and so her first few years of life she was crying in the easter bunny pics at church.

Anonymous said...

You are such a good Mama and David is such a good Daddy. It looks like you all really enjoyed the day. Thanks for sharing these priceless pics. I've been watching for them all week!
What precious words from Samuel's sweet mouth. I'm so glad you all had such a good time.

Love, Grandma

Leanne said...

I love this post! I love seeing Disney through the eyes of Samuel...I'm often thankful that I have all boys...I think of the challenges of balancing the different genders in your house! but, you do such a great job at it! thank you for sharing these moments!!!! loved it!

Debra said...

What a fun day! You'll all have those memories forever. We always run into people when we go to Disneyland & we live 5 hours away. :)

Angelia said...

I love the " sweet things that Samuel" said. It it is a joy to hear your child express their heart felt thoughts and feelings. His heart of graditude. Then, How wonderful that he noticed and admired the flowers in such a busy place! That is lovely! And then to think of " the girls" , what a warm heart that little man has.
Happy 5 th birthday Samuel!
He is in the image of his daddy.
Reading your blog these past years has me looking at people and wonder...what is their unique story. Thank you for sharing yours. It is admirable.
Your friend, Angelia in Tx

angie said...

Seeing Disney thriough a boys' eyes had to be a new perspective. How wonderful to have this shared memory with all three children.

*carrie* said...

Fun! The kids looked at these with me, and Natalie said that was cool!

the mommy said...

Very sweet it looks like the three of you had a wonderful day. We love the Old Sugar Mill for Pancakes. We live in Deland just south of Deleon Springs.

Dawn said...

Well golly, I see y'all ever single week and that pic of David and Samuel in the race car with David looking down at Samuel and smiling...whew!! That one nearly made me bawl!! Super sweet!!!
Looks like y'all had a great time. All the pics are so good. Just something about that one...wonder if that's how the Father looks at me?