Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Open Tabs: Valentine Edition

Perhaps a little Valentine inspiration for you as I think about what I'd like to do this week?

Traditionally, we eat dinner in the Living Room in front of the fire and I'm hoping to make:
Restaurant Style Steaks
Best Broccoli  
Perhaps Heart Shaped Wedge Salads and some yummy garlic bread
Berry Brownie Pizza via Life Beautiful in a heart shaped pizza pan

Since being with their cousin, Nathan, my littles have been enjoying Tic-Tac-Toe, I made this version for a Valentine treat.

Valentine Chex Mix for favors at our family table with the homemade version of these mason jar lids!

Pink Milk Heart Cubes - yes!!!

Hoping to still make this banner for littles beds! The link doesn't work from Pinterest, so hope you can see this pin.

Love this Valentine lunch idea for home! {same as the previous idea, hope you can see my pin}

And another funky link - but heart shaped cinnamon rolls! Perhaps for breakfast with the pink milk cubes served in bed?!

I love this cookies and milk Valentine's style idea!

Heart shaped carrots?! Can you stand the cuteness :)

Another cute breakfast idea: heart shaped strawberry pancakes and strawberry syrup! Or even simpler heart shaped pancakes.

Ok, share your ideas for Valentine's Day!


Shelby said...

Ahhhhhhh love it, I decided to make the heart shaped pancakes for my littles, but I might need to borrow your idea Monica:)

*carrie* said...

Fun ideas, Mo. I made the Chex mix over the weekend and it was devoured!

I plan to make heart pancakes and will keep in mind the idea about using cookie cutters after cooking--easy peasy.

I also hope to pull off those heart-y carrots. =)

I"m excited to celebrate V-day since last year I had a bunch of stuff planned and ended up not being here!!

Mom said...

All so very cute -- especially heart-shaped carrots! Last year when we had just arrived at Carrie's in the wee hours on Valentine's Day, we served Nathan and Natalie heart-shaped pancakes that Carrie had made ahead and frozen. Of course, she had no way of knowing she wouldn't serve them herself, but that special breakfast marked the beginning of our six weeks of caring for N1 and N2. Thanks for sharing all the creative ideas! :) Love you, Mom

Gottjoy! said...

Love all these ideas, Monica!

Kelli said...

So many wonderful ideas. I am going to make the heart shaped wedge salad to go with our pasta.
Have a great Tuesday!

Amy said...

We have a heart hunt. I hide hearts all around the house for the kids to find.

Jennifer Carroll Martin said...

Thank you so much for including my cookies in your delightful round-up! Happy almost Valentine's Day!!

angie said...

We have a heart pancake mold that we tried last night, but the pancake stuck to it. I think I will need to spray it next time. I wish I had thought to just do a little heart cut out instead.
I plan to include some heart and red goodness in the lunches I pack for tomorrow. I need to intentionally plan the ingredients. My husband has a slow cooker cuban sandwich recipe he wants to make for tomorrow night. A basketball game will move our dinner to a later hour, though.
I'm sure, even if you do just a couple of these ideas, that your family will be blessed by your tangible expression of your love for them!