Friday, February 22, 2013

Family Night: Valentine's Day

We had a lovely Valentine's evening together as a family continuing our dinner in front of the fire tradition! I had to abandon the original steak recipe once I priced that kind of steak it was out of our price range. So I picked up something else on a good sale and made this recipe instead. I also made oven fries, garlic bread and roasted broccoli.

After dinner, it was bath night - and I pulled out some glow bracelets I had gotten at the Dollar Tree and let our littles enjoy a candlelight bath with glow sticks. A HUGE HIT! Then, we had dessert and enjoyed the fire!

Of course, this was Thursday night and we did have Family Night again the next night. I made a big salad bar and let everyone fix their own salad while we watched an old movie - My Friend Flicka and munched on Valentine Chex Mix.

I find it fun and yes, sometimes challenging to come up with ideas of things for us to do together as a family that do not require a ton of preparation to pull off. But, it is also rewarding to have these special times together as a family!


Leanne said...

I wound up really loving our V-Day, too... everyone (including Mom and Dad) had a little special treat, and then we went out as a whole family to Culvers...but we also took a little neighbor friend who is my boys' age and lives with his Grandma...that made the night really special, because we chose to love on someone else, instead of just us! I LOVE the glow bracelet idea!!

angie said...

I must remember the glow stick idea--Hanna would love it and I have some tucked away in summer decorations bin.
Your table setting and the glow of the fire and candles is so love-ly. I also need to remember to do this. We have carpet picnics as a family, but this would also be nice to do as a couple.

*carrie* said...

Your dinner looks lovely! Fun idea with the glow sticks. Nathan got a glow bracelet from his teacher for V-Day which was fun!

Mom said...

Lovely dinner setting and fun glow bubbles! :) Love you, Mom