Monday, January 28, 2013

January Goals

I am always amazed at Crystal's weekly goal posts. And, really think I would be setting myself up for failure to attempt something so detailed and lengthy! But, I do love the idea of having goals and then seeing those goals met and the satisfaction that comes with that.

So, over Christmas - I decided to write down some goals for the coming month and thought it would be helpful to me to go back and see how I did on those goals. It's been rewarding already - here goes:

* Kitchen Organization: in talking with my Mom, I identified some problem spots and together we came up with some ideas. You can catch a glimpse of my medicine/vitamin space in my Slow Day post here.

* Use my Crock Pot at least once a week. I haven't actually kept track to know officially if I did this, but I can think of more than four things I made in the Crock Pot, so to me that qualifies!

* Exercise three times a week. Similar to the Crock Pot one, I did not actually keep track. But, I've been using My Fitness Pal and I know that I've walked average of more than three times a week. Sometimes I just walk one mile and sometimes two - but the point is I am doing it!

* Institute a mini quiet retreat each evening. Not quite as successful on this one. I had hoped to set aside even ten or fifteen minutes to just sit quietly and read or relax each evening. I have done much better at getting this time in in the evenings - but haven't gotten consistent yet.

* Make faux grain sack pillow. Done!

* Try to crochet a gingerbread hat. Um, not even sure I want this to be a goal anymore! After watching the little tutorial video - I am not sure I'm up to the task! Rachel wants a gingerbread party this summer and loves hats so it was a fun idea, but we have a lot of other fun ideas too!

* Read two books. I somehow managed to go way over this and am including movies I watched here too:

Inspired You
Cleaning House
Back Home Again
Going to the Chapel
Home for the Holidays
The Spirit of the Season

Foyle's War
Land Girls - season one
Downton Abbey
The Heart of Christmas
Homeless for the Holidays
The Christmas Pageant
Pride and Prejudice
Little Women
Christmas Miracle
Flicka: Country Pride
Mrs. Miracle
Love Comes Softly 
Big Miracle

* Stay within my grocery budget. I stayed within $5 of my grocery budget which is really good compared to how it seems to have been going the past several months. I joined Sam's Club after thinking about it for ages and have been pleased with going once a month for a big shopping and then weekly for milk, produce and any great sales. I am SO thrilled to have done so well on this.

* Get restarted with Fly Lady. Yes, I've been doing this too! Diligently assigning chores to my children has helped me in this area. Not because they are doing it all for me, but I am giving them the easier parts of what needs to be done and then that leaves less for me to do which really helps. It also is a great time for me to work on things while they are working too.

I did not completely finish all of these things, but I am so pleased with the results of setting the goals and meeting most of them or at least making progress. Now to ponder what my February goals will be! How was January for you and any goals you had?


Stephanie in SC said...

I started late in Jan on my goals(one week in).
**I am happy to say I am on Week 3 of couch to 5K running plan. Downloading a podcast with music and a 'trainer' telling you when to run and walk has really helped.
**I am on week 4 of WW. Done this before and have just decided to do it the rest of my life.I get 'off' on the Sabbath Fri. night to Sat. night.Try not to go crazy, but look forward to it.
**I have read through Genesis and most of Exodus.I am reading the whole Bible this year.

Has anyone ever used chalkboard spray paint? Just wondering if it works as well as the paintbrush kind.

Wendi said...

Great job! I have also been setting goals. I am a list kind of gal and it really helps if I have things written down. I haven't been able to stick to every one of my goal, but I feel that if I do even half then it is a good thing!

I really need to check out FlyLady as keeping up with the housework is one of the things that causes me stress. Two active little guys and housework doesn't mix well!

Have a great day!

Mom said...

Well done! :)
Love, Mom

RMFrancis said...

713WOW, you had a very productive month! Your list did not include the most inportant thing you did in January....homeschool your kiddos!! I love reading our blog it reminds me of my own life years ago when I was blessed to homeschool my own children.
This month once my college kids had gone back to school I started a daily bibly study, organized a couple of closets, and am almost caught up on all my paper work!
And I started using The Confident Mom organizer....I love it so far.

Jen said...

I LOVE Land Girls!!! I wish they would continue the series! It just left us hanging.

Lauren (in Savannah) said...

Wow! You touched on EXACTLY what I have been pondering lately. My sister and I have been talking about our daughters graduating and how we can declutter and get ready before May comes. When my 1st daughter graduated and I was planning a party I ended up with hives a few days after... which I attribute to stress. I do have birthday parties for my girs but something about a huge amount of people and a huge amount of food needing to be prepared makes me nervous. I would love to find a cute website where you can enter in your goals and then check off what you have done. I thought if my sister and I were both doing it then it would also be an accountability thing. Is there such a website?

Lauren (in Savannah) said...

Oh and also the lady you follow with her organization had a book listed I think you would love! It is written back in the 1950's? The first book is Pocket Full of Pinecones and the next one is Lessons at Blackberry Inn by Karen Andreola. The lady in the book homeschools and starts using the Charlotte Mason method. The books are soooo darling. I read them every winter :o)

Anonymous said...

I've set myself goals for the whole year and then broken them down into monthly goals. I haven't completed every goal for January yet but I've made progress and I'll start afresh in February. Writing it down makes a massive difference to me for goals and for my flylady routines.
Charlotte in the UK

Karate Mom said...

I never liked setting goals, because I always felt depressed when I didn't meet them. However, last year I started keeping track of the books I read and the educational videos I watched. WOW! what a pick-me-up to see what I accomplished in just that one area. So I'm up for the challenge.

This year I already started on a book list! Other goals: treadmill 3 days/week; work towards 2nd degree black belt; follow docs orders for complete body cleanse; stop drinking diet coke (this is a BIGGIE for me).

I created a chore chart for my children that we instituted the first week in January. Oh! my! How I am loving it! It is working out so well!

Thanks for the push and the encouragement!

*carrie* said...

Good for you, Monica!

I am terrible at writing down goals. I find that reading non-fiction (your fave--ha ha!) is very motivating to me. For example, right now one of the books I am reading is about productivity. I find that after reading even a short section, I feel raring to tackle something!

angie said...

It is nice to reflect on your many successes so far in 2013. I would suggest only adding one new goal each month as too much can be overwhelming and impossible to meet.
My mom reads the Grace Chapel Inn books, but I have not tried them. My library does not have them, and I rarely buy fiction since I never re-read it. Inspired You and Cleaning House are on my list to read. I also started keeping track of books read in Jan. So far, only two!
It is so nice that you can go to your mom for advice on organizing and such. That close relationship is a priceless treasure! :)
I am keeping track of my almost daily walking, with the goal of 600miles for the year.

Blissful & Domestic said...

Great job Monica. I do once a month shopping too. It saves me so much in time and money. If you are looking for more ways to save on groceries and stuff check out my blog. I blog about how my family lives on $14,000 a year.


Michell Adams said...

Hi! I've been following your blog for years and was concerned to see that you had Downton Abbey on your list to watch - just are aware that there is a homosexual theme running through it with one of the main characters? I was very disappointed when I watched episode one, as I was very much looking forward to seeing what the buzz was about (and I love period dramas). Anyway, love your blog. Keep up the great work!

Ginger said...

I joined Sam's Club a year ago and go for me and a friend about every two weeks. My laundry detergent lasted five months and toilet paper about two. I love the deals I can get there.

Monica Wilkinson said...

Hi Michell Adams: I understand your concern about D.A. I had previously been warned about episode one season one and also that after episode one it was a great show. I've not noticed a lot of that theme throughout except for episode one and then last night I began to wonder if it were resurfacing. I also know that each one has different thoughts on how they choose what to watch. I'm not endorsing everything on the show by watching it - but it has been fun to watch and talk about with others.

Mary Ann said...

Great job! I have admired Crystal's weekly goals too, but knew it wasn't for me. At least not now.

I made some informal kind of goals for the new year and am making some progress on them:

**Be more mindful with staying on budget, especially in grocery shopping. Doing good so far!

**Make time to do something creative several times per week. This refreshes and energizes me. Setting up a place to sew that I can leave up most of the time is helping with this. I aim to do a little something each day; by aiming for this, I've been hitting it a few times a week.

**Leaving more time for rest and fun. This means that I just have to leave some things undone sometimes, but I'm learning. We've watched a couple of movies together this month and done some fun things just because. I'm learning to cut my to-do list short--"I will not work on my list past x time today!" and trying to stick to it. Still a work in progress! I am so task oriented!!!

**Work on Christmas gifts through the year--do 2 per month. Haven't quite met this goal yet for this month but I have made 2 small gifts, probably for birthdays though!

**Hospitality at least once a month. This is something we want to do this year as a couple--have people over for a meal just to get to know them and spend time together. We have not done this for January but not giving up yet!

My in-laws give us a Sam's Club membership each year and it is a blessing! We go once a month now. Certain things are a really good buy there.

Leanne said...

I love the "theme" to your movie sweet