Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Slow Day


Elise said...

You found a cabinet?!?! Love the character that one has!!!
Beautiful pictures!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Shelby said...

I love the chalkboard Monica, where did you find that or did you make it? Lovely pictures, I love how you pour yourself into your family.


Tim and Susan said...

I printed these cut-out Thankful leaves too and now need to find some twigs, looking forward to q quiet Thanksgiving together still with lots of love and thankful hearts. LOVE your hot cocoa picnic stuff, so super cute. Thanks for sharing that idea.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Monica Wilkinson said...

Shelby: thanks! It was a vintage find - my Mom got it for me for Christmas a few years ago! It's an old table top painted with chalkboard paint!

Grace said...

Catching up on your blog!! LOVE the new cabinet!! where did you find it?