Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Slow Day

Just a whisper this morning: I didn't take many photos last week on Slow Day so am mixing in some others from other days - these do not all represent one day the way it usually does! :)

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Kelly said...

Nice glimpses into your world! Daddy days off ate so special & exciting! Curious as to where you found those print outs to cut in the last picture?

Mom said...

Great photos -- as usual! :)
Love, Mom

angie said...

You are nearing 1000 gifts! Do you use Ann's daily guides for listing your gifts or keep it open minded? I do use her lists as a jumping off point. I find it fun to figure out how the blessings of the day can fit into the category for the day. I am nearing the end of my journal from Blessings Unlimited.
I need to get busy on Thanksgiving crafts and planning. I stamped little linen favor bags for a 31 event, and have many leftover. I want to figure out a use for them for Thanksgiving dinner or decor.