Monday, October 08, 2012

Days of Beauty: Your Beauty Style

One thing about beauty is that it isn't necessarily the same for each of us. I will see and/or experience something and think it is pure beauty because it speaks to a deep place in me. You may see, hear or experience the same thing and not have it hit you the same way.

I think folded stacks of laundry are beauty! You may think it looks cluttery. But, that's the thing about beauty, it has its own voice of sorts that speaks to us and moves us in different ways. It is personal, unique and personalized.

Am I making sense here? It's like this - when I serve tacos at my house, I know exactly what to have on hand to fix that. But, what I serve with tacos may not be exactly the same ingredients as what you would serve in your home. So, when I say we're having tacos for dinner - my family knows exactly what to expect and they love it because it is what we have every time I say tacos. Same at your house, most likely.

Isn't beauty kind of like that? We have taco expectations and our own fashion sense. I'll call this our beauty-style. My beauty style is homey, cozy, natural and creative. Your beauty style might be different - we both still call it beauty because it is truly beauty to each of us in its own ways.

We've all heard the saying, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder,"  right? That's exactly what I'm getting at here. And, I love that beauty fits each of us because we see it through our own eyes and our own beauty style. A lens, if you will, that fits us.

What says beauty to you?


Kelly said...

Beauty is my sister doing my laundry when I am down. Beauty is my 13 year old with a good attitude. Beauty is solitary walks through the woods and seeing God in all the amazing details.
Monica, I love to start the morning at your blog. God bless, hope your day is cozy and full of your childrens' hugs.

south girl in the west said...

My beauty is a lot like yours...i think. i find it in the simple things that truly are the big things. when my 4 little boys are having fun together, when there is peace in my home, taking time to soak in the beauty God surrounds me with every moment of the day! I love the comforts of home, feeling cozy and warm. The deep rich colors in all of Gods creations! But most of all when there is LOVE being shared and felt in my home!

Blissful & Domestic said...

Beautifully said:>

Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite things to see is laundry hanging out on the line. People call me nuts! It's also one on my favorite things to do. When I go to hang up a sheet and I look up at a bright blue sky it reminds me to say thank you! I also love seeing a pantry full of home canned fruits and vegetables fresh from the garden all lined up in mason jars. Another favorite is a big pot of simmering stew or soup with homemade bread. Gosh I could really go on and on.

LynnMarie said...

I find beauty in the way my husband cares for me. He is truly a gentleman and I love that about him.

angie said...

I am thankful that our definition of beauty evolves and zooms in and out based on our circumstances.

I am learning that I cannot expect to find the same kind of familiar beauty in every corner of the world. But that does not mean that beauty is not present there. It may mean that I need to adjust my beauty lens. In short, this weekend I learned that there are no Colonial homes and lush green yards in CO, yet beauty abounds.