Friday, September 07, 2012

Family Night: Egypt and the 10 Commandments

We are learning the Ten Commandments in CC this year and studying Ancients and Egypt - so I thought it would be fun to do a Family Night learning more. I had gotten the movie Prince of Egypt at a thrift store and our kids have never seen it - so that seemed like a fun thing to start with.

The next Sunday found us home with a coughing Emily, so we read the Biblical account in order to compare it to the movie and learn the true story and which parts of the movie were changed or embellished.

I made Rice Krispie treats shaped like two tablets and then used a small tube of decorator icing to write the Roman Numerals for each of the Ten Commandments. I found this idea online somewhere this summer and now cannot find it again.

We had fun together and had some good discussion about Egypt, the way they dressed, what it meant to worship other gods, what it would have been like for Moses, etc...

Another fun time together!


Wendi said...

Great job making this come alive for the kids! I find that it sticks better when it is visual.

I know that Psalms 34:13 really stuck for Megan when they used a tube of toothpaste in chapel as an example. They used the toothpaste to represent lies and unkind words. To show that once they are spoken they can't be taken back and put back in. Whenever I remind her or the boys to use kind words she always brings up the toothpaste.

You are so creative with your activities.

angie said...

Did your family like "Prince of Egypt"? We have not seen that movie, either.

Emily Fay said...

What a cute idea!!! Love it! I am sure the kids just loved it!

Brenda said...

VERY cute!!

Tim and Susan said...

Finally had time to catch up and read some of your posts from over the summer. You always bless me and make me feel "understood". Thanks always too for the pictures and ideas that inspire.
I too always want a cute tray with a teapot, and nice setting for my I had to chuckle when I read your post.