Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Slow Day


Julie said...

Is that quiche? It looks yummy. Can you share a recipe?

Monica Wilkinson said...

Hi Julie: Yes it is quiche and I can share a recipe :) It was made on the fly just using things I had on hand. And, was crustless because I did not feel like fighting a crust battle last Wed!

In the bottom of a pie plate layer spinach, chicken and co-jack shredded cheese. In a separate bowl, mix together 4 eggs, 1 c. cream and 1 c. milk, minced onion and salt and pepper to taste. Pour liquid over cheese, chicken and veggies. Bake at 350 for about 45 min. Yum!

Ginger said...

My first thought: "Her children eat quiche??" That's wonderful.

betty said...

You are a super-mom, super-wife, super-woman and super-blog-friend.
You make the everyday something beautiful, and when you share it on your blog, you inspire us.
Thanks for letting me see your daily blog. Your blog is a treasure for me and my family.
BICOS, Betty

~katie~ said...

Oh, I'm so behind in the bloggy world, here, but your "slow day" posts I'm looking at are so refreshing and calming! =)

We have been travelling for weeks now, and my heart is longing for some "slow days" such as these.

Trying to catch up here ~ know that all of your sweet family has been in my prayers. I'll try to stop by again very soon!

Blessings to your family~

p.s. I hope your days are filled with joy!! ;)
p.p.s. Are you enjoying MOH?? Looks like it makes history a blast?

Yvonne said...

Those slippers look mighty cozy! It has been almost cool enough here in the morning to start having hot tea again.

Your slow day looks wonderful! It sure is nice to have days like these amongst the busyness.

I am going through Mystery of History a second time with my youngest. Going to be so fun!

Anonymous said...

Once again I am inspired by your slow days and how you make everyday lovely. How do you store all of your dishes to have them ready to use? Also do you iron your napkins?

Wendi said...

A slipper kind of day is my favorite. I love to wear them around the house. It makes me feel cozy!

Those note cards are adorable and your book/magazine looks interesting.

I hope you can continue to slow down. It is such a joy!

angie said...

As a lover of words, I am amazed at how drawn I am to your wordless "slow day" posts. Of course, your pictures do tell the story of your day. Sort of like a wordless picture book.
I continue to be intrigued by the books I see peeks of in your post. The Little Women coloring book is one that my daughter would like. We have read the book and saw it on stage. And what is the title of the book you are reading? "bloom"?

Caroline said...

I love these kinds of posts. A glimpse into your day! :)

Monica Wilkinson said...

I do not like to iron, so definitely do not iron the napkins! :)

As for dishes, I have my regular every day dishes, china and then a few random fun things I enjoy using. So, china goes in china cabinet and regular dishes easily accessible in kitchen. I have one big cabinet near my oven that I use for "entertaining" pieces - they are easy to get to yet out of the way for every day.