Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Berry Picking!

What fun we had berry picking last week!
I think the pictures will tell the stories for themselves!


Mom said...

Fun! Even more fun with friends :) Great photos -- thanks for sharing! Love you, Mom

Grace said...

What a perfect day that was!! Love you!

*carrie* said...

Yummy. Will still be 2 months for us to wait!

I am cracking up that Rachel is wearing The Hat in these pictures. Fun to see how Grace's kids have grown, too.

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. Strawberries look yummy too!
Thanks for sharing the photos.

Love you, Grandma

Cheryl said...

Oh Monica looks like fun. Many years ago we used to homeschool and I always wanted to take my kids to go strawberry picking. One year it was a draught, another year the berries were ready early and by the time we went they were done....Ugggh, thus we never got to go picking. Maybe they will indulge me this summmer....now that they both are in college. : )

Your berries look great and it looks like everyone had a great time. What will you be making with your berries?

angie said...

Berry picking~and any fruit~is a favorite of mine. I think I can smell the fields/orchards from my house when the fruit is ripe!
I love the pictures that aren't posed of the kids enjoying their just-picked berries.