Monday, March 12, 2012

Silhouette Tote

I recently linked to the adorable Jane Austen Birthday Party and also saw this cute tote in their shop over there! It seems like I saw a tutorial somewhere, but I have scoured her blog and cannot find it.

Anyway, start with a tote bag, some black fabric and heat & bond and you are all set to make this cute tote! You can find the printable silhouette for this project here.

I thought she would look so cute with a little rose in her hair and a necklace - you can add whatever you like!


Shelby said...


gemma said...

do silhouettes of the girls and make them their own that's a keeper

Victoria said...

So lovely! This would make a lovely party activity for your JA party!

asnipofgoodness said...

So cute Monica, I love the addition of the rose and necklace!

angie said...

How appropriate for carrying your library check-outs!
I need to try to make one of the fabric flowers. They are so versatile for hair accessories, pins, etc. Do you have any tips?

Aubrey said...

this would also be even easier to do using a freezer paper stencil. Have you done those before?

i love the embellishments.

maybe I'll make my mom a silhouette tote with all the grandbabies silhouettes.