Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I've been missing writing about beauty lately - in my mind, some of my favorite posts ever written were the Days of Beauty month long series that I enjoyed last October.

The alive feeling I had then is what I miss, lately it feels like I am like a dry crispy leaf fallen from a tree rather than soft green moss which is alive and beautiful. I guess dry crispy leaves are beautiful in their own way too, aren't they?

There has not been a change in my pursuit of beauty, it is still a huge priority to me to seek, cultivate and even create beauty. But, the change is in my heart - how I am not feeling like I exude or feel beauty. When I have a bad hair day and get out of the habit of exercising again and just don't feel beautiful.

However, beauty is not going to cease because my heart is not feeling beautiful. Beauty cannot cease when God is still the Creator and when He is still sending beautiful moments into our days. And, I continue to write down three things a day in my One Thousand Gifts journal.

The same that is true of my heart feels true in my writing lately - dry. Missing beauty. Wanting to have something lovely and beautiful and profound to say. Yet, I cannot give up this writing even if it isn't what I wish it was because it is such a part of me.

And, so my humble offerings continue that He may use them as He sees fit or to bestow beauty as He chooses.

What is beautiful in your life right now?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mama & Me Crafting

A little night owl lives in my house named Emily! And, she recently asked me to do a craft time with just her. I couldn't do it right then, but did keep the idea close to pull out one night when other littles were already asleep.

I pulled out canvases, buttons, ribbon and paint. I lit candles and put on some peaceful, worshipful music. And, we created ...

No rules, just fun and whatever we wanted to make. She asked for help painting a horse :)

Of course, Rachel wanted to paint the next day - here is her creation:

Monday, February 27, 2012

Daffodils at Home

Once we picked our daffodils, I had fun implementing an idea I saw on Pinterest to slice limes and add to the water with some burlap ribbon and a bow - pretty!

Friday, February 24, 2012

DaySpring Winner

Katy is the winner of the DaySpring giveaway! Thanks for all your sweet comments and well wishes!

Daffodil Farm

Last Friday was the first day the local Daffodil Farm was open for picking. We were close by and met some sweet friends to enjoy a spring-y activity! What fun!

Rachel wore her favorite hat - she wears it everywhere!

Daffodils are such a sweet simple pleasure!