Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Samuel!

Four years ago today, twenty-one days early, Samuel Joseph joined our family! After only little girls, he has added a whole new dynamic to our home.

Samuel - you love cars, cars and more cars! You love sweets and helping in the kitchen. You have always loved to snuggle and still do and you love to be where I am. When I put a plate of food in front of you, you are usually instantly full of things to say though you are very picky about the food.

You love Angry Birds, football, Jungle Junction, reading books, playing trains and pestering your sisters. You love to make us laugh!

I love when you say things like:
Are you happy, Mama?
I want you to sit with me on the couch!
Will you read me a story?
Can I watch you? {and sit on the kitchen counter}

Your little moods sometimes drive me nearly to the edge of a cliff, but you also have a tender heart that I adore.

I love seeing little things sinking in when you talk about them again. I love seeing you concentrate on something. And, I absolutely loved your helmet in the yard the other day {a plastic flower pot turned upside down on his head} and it was a perfect green color. I love that you were proud of getting a lizard and found an airplane which you were so excited about.

When I've brought home things for your party - you have run to me and said thank you with a big hug around my legs. Oh, you are so welcome - it is my pleasure and privilege! I am so thankful to be your mama and to be learning all these crazy lovely little boy things that you are teaching me.

Happy Birthday, Samuel! We love you so very much!

{Photos: Becky Kyle}


LynnMarie said...

Happy Birthday to your little man? 4 all ready! The time go so fast.

Shelby said...

Awww very sweet Monica. Happy Birthday sweet Samuel:)

Jenny Lynn said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Samuel. It is great that he wants to be where you are and that he is still willing to snuggle. I treasure those special moments with my youngest son.

angie said...

It is wonderful that your li'l man likes to be a helper/observer in the kitchen. He will learn so much at your side. My husband spent a lot of time with his grandmother in the kitchen. Now, he enjoys cooking when he gets the time to do so.
Samuel sounds like a very well-rounded boy. Can you believe that your baby is now 4?
Have you considered adding a Pinterest button to your posts?

hazelnut said...

What a sweet description of your little boy.
You're right, Monica, the passing things our children say and do are so precious.
Samuel,I hope you have (or had) a very special day!
Blessings to you all xx

*carrie* said...

Happy birthday, Mr. Samuel! I enjoyed seeing the pictures from your party, and am so glad you had such a fun time!

We will try calling later and hope to catch you after CC.

Grammie said...

Happy birthday, Samuel! We love you -- Grammie and Pepaw

Ginger said...

Happy birthday, indeed, Samuel!

Joy @gracefullmama said...

So sweet. I honestly can't believe that he is 4 already! Wow does time fly!

Anonymous said...

Yay, Samuel!

Happy 4th birthday.

We all love you so much, and I'm SO proud of you.

Love and hugs, Nana

Anonymous said...

Wow, has it really been that long? I had only been reading your blog a few months when you posted that you were expecting a baby...Mr. Samuel.

Happy Birthday to your little man!

Andrea L.

Grace said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sweet Samuel!! You are such a sweet little boy and a a sweet little friend to Luke!! We love you. Ms Grace, Mr Bill, Luke and Brianna.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! Jane loves Samuel's silliness!