Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Fresh & New

The past few years, I've longed to force bulbs and had trouble finding them. Enter: Christmas Clearance 2011! After Thanksgiving, I bought one amaryllis bulb and it has startled me with how tall it has gotten {still waiting for the bulge to open into bloom!}

So, browsing the Christmas clearance at Wal-Mart one day - I was thrilled to find some paper-whites! Not only does planting something feed that desire for new life, it is so fresh, so new, so pure and a step of faith.

We plant these bulbs of faith into the soil and anticipate the beauty they will bring. And, knowing how the simple beauty of watching nature can feed the soul - excitement builds before you've even begun.

Looking back at 2011, one thought that returns is beauty. I miss the 30 Days of Beauty series and wish it could go on forever - for that is exactly what makes me tick and feel alive. And, in this moment I realize that beauty does permeate everything I write about and the series is not over. Beauty permeates my life because I am a beauty-lover and beauty-seeker and beauty-maker.

Just as God's creatures are true to their nature, my heart and hands cannot escape the desire for beauty because it is my nature. Even though I have Christmas to pack away and tidy and recover from - I'm drawn to create.

Rather than just rush through the simple box directions on planting the bulbs of beauty, I am drawn to hunt through my home for things that would add beauty and make this a project I'll never forget.

I'm kind of on a mission to use what I have right now {perhaps it will last all year?} so David fished out a few cans from the recycling bin and I embellished them with what I could easily find here: sheet music, string, twine, tags.

And, the time outside with sun soaking deep was fun, relaxing and full of beauty.

Tomorrow, a little accent project that will coordinate with these cans {and uses all things you probably have on hand} and then on Friday - pulling these ideas together with some thoughts about decorating in January {a tricky time of year to decorate!}


Kelly E said...

The word that comes to mind when I think of you is ALWAYS "beauty". :)
Kelly E.

Valerie said...

So beautiful! And you are are a beauty seeker, beauty maker, beauty lover. Can't wait to read what you have to share about decorating in January!

Mary Ann said...

Lovely pictures. I've been wanting to grow some paperwhites especially since I read all about them in Southern Living! I'll have to check at Wal-Mart. I know the kids would enjoy watching them grow!

Mom said...

Leave it to you to make planting flower bulbs beautiful!! :) Great photos and thoughts -- love you! Mom

angie said...

I'm fairly certain that you do not normally store your potting soil in that wooden crate. I am amazed at your attention to detail in completing this project. While I would rush through, intent on crossing this task off of my to-do list, you take time to enjoy the process.
My mom used to buy these bulbs as Christmas gifts for the ladies in her life. They really do lend beauty in the midst of the dreary winter.

a mom of many said...

Beautiful pictures! Even in the cool of January, it looks warm & inviting. Looking forward to the project.
Thanks for sharing,

asnipofgoodness said...

I force bulbs most every year monica, Just LOVE doing it! I love what you did with the you, so beautiful!

Wendi said...

I have never forced paperwhites, but I have tulips. It is so much fun watching them grow. Those cans are adorable. Enjoy!

Christy said...

love forcing bulbs. it adds some life to the winter season :) the cans look beautiful!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Monica,

I really like the idea of using up what you have at home first. I'm going to try that this year :) :) :) I do have a lot of stuff...and I think I need to use it up some way :) :) Oh, Amaryllis is such a lovely plant. They can take quite awhile before they start to bloom. Be patient. It will happen...and when it does, it'll be lovely :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Grace said...

I Love the cans!! I love how you seek beauty! and selfishly I love to see the beauty you seek because I am a beauty seeker too but you are better at photographing it and really bringing out. God Provided me with such a great friend and for that I am truly thankful!!