Monday, December 12, 2011

Patchwork Scrap Tree Art

Before you roll your eyes that I am sharing another Pinterest idea - a few thoughts:

* I recently started feeling guilty that I don't always post original ideas, but show my completed projects from others ideas I've seen on-line. Then I realized there was absolutely no pressure for me to come up with original ideas. This is an online journal - it needs to be an accurate picture of who I am and the projects I've been working on.

* Other people have REALLY great ideas! This reminds me of a favorite line from Anne of Avonlea, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!" If I want to try an idea I've seen online, it means I love it and think it is worth some of my time to complete.

* Each project has my own spin on it. Confession: when I see an idea, I rarely study the photo or tutorial. Often after I've seen it just one time - I will sort of form a picture in my mind of how to do it whether it matches the given instructions or not. Honestly, I like this because it is never a direct copy - but my own interpretation of an idea. Sometimes my method is dictated by supplies or limitations of time or resources, but sometime it is just how I picture it differently than shown.

Here's a cute project that I finished in under an hour - all fabric came from my scrap stash, I just bought a canvas to put this on. {$5.50 for 2} I didn't have enough fabric to allow seam allowances for each row - so just took one piece of canvas fabric and stitched all the rows onto it. I love how it turned out and it now happily hangs over the lamp on my nightstand! {Every little shadow shows up in the last photo - but I still like how the light is glowy from below!} Inspired by this.

Have you crafted anything for yourself this season?


a mom of many said...

So cute! I like your take on the project. It is great to see different interpretations of the ideas that we see on the web.
Thanks for sharing,

Alicia said...

Us beatiful and simply ... And fast
Great for an emergency gift

Elise said...

I love your tree!! I think your version looks a lot easier, too. I also don't think every thing anyone ever does has to be original. God gives us all ideas, wonderful ideas to be shared. I love seeing what you've made from others' ideas!!
Once I get these burlap Christmas pennant banners made for the kids' teachers, I will make my own for me. I also want to make some ornaments using the kids' handprints, or thumbprints, in some cases. I don't know if you look at ashley ann photography or not, but she made an adorable garland{I think} out of muffin liners and doilies, that I plan on recreating.

Michele said...

I want to make that design into a pillow! I plan to finish up with orders for other people by mid-week, then I'm sewing for family and for me!

I agree with what you said about putting your spin on a project.

angie said...

Ah, the reveal of the earlier photo. I really like this. Soft wall art is so cozy in a bedroom.

Jo Ann said...

Whether they are your own "original" ideas or not, I'm still consistently inspired by what you post. It motivates me to add beauty and specialness :) in my home that might otherwise get lost or forgotten in the midst of chaotic, but wonderful days. I just gathered supplies to make the graham cracker nativity kids are gonna have a blast! :)

Mary Ann said...

I really like that.:-) I've felt the same way about usually using other people's ideas.

That design would make a cute pillow.

Don't think I've created any Christmas items for me yet this year but I did find a vintage cardinal print at the thrift store($1-all Christmas was half price!)and painted the frame. Also found 3 teeny tiny trees at the same store for $1.50 total that I stripped of their Victorian beads and rosettes and white pom-poms and have decorated with some vintage rick rack garlands from my stash and a string of pretend light garland from a tired outdoor snowman decoration that had definitely seen better days(it was a wedding present)!So I feel like I've been creative!

Anonymous said...

Ideas are just ideas until given life. You give life to ideas. I love seeing your creations... they always stirs my mind and many times life is born to some kind of creation here in my home. You share treasures. I am sure there are tons more in that lovely heart of yours. Keep posting bc the stirring of this heart is life giving. Smiles, Angelia in Tx

Brandy said...

Love your fabric tree! I'm a copier for sure! I'm not visionary and have a hard time coming up with my own ideas. But, I don't let that stop me. I'm thankful for ideas to copy! We've done very minor crafting--lots of baking! And, pinterest has been pretty inspirational for decorating and doing around our house!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I really like that fabric scrap Christmas tree. That is really cute. It doesn't matter if was your idea or someone else's. The "cute" factor is not diminished one bit :) :) It's a great way to use extra fabric :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Raising Four 4 Him said...

I just copied your jute webbing project over the weekend. I just happened to find candles in mason jars, the big ones, on sale for $1.50 each at Dollar General. So I bought 8 and came home and within 20 minutes had them all wrapped with the webbing and even hot glued some cute christmas buttons on them. Thanks for the idea!

Unknown said...

This is really nice and you did a lovely job. I really like the light underneath, it really highlights the tree. Great job :)