Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 13

When I'm posting a photo for DPP, I typically try to keep my words to a bare minimum and let the photo do the talking. But, today I have things I want to record and share and just feel wordy. :)

I'm feeling all kinds of thrifty {and thankful} today! God provided something we wanted for Samuel for Christmas for *free* - yippee! We visited a favorite thrift store and scored a football cookie cutter for 25 cents {little boy b'day coming up!}, a pair of shoes for Emily, a Thomas the Train ABC game and some amazingly cool and old looking candle holders {shown below}. Then, I got ambitious and shelled some gifted pecans - saving again!

Emily *discovered* my blog today. She wanted to sit down and look at it after lunch. She read through the past three months and frequently exclaimed, "Mom, your blog is awesome!" Awww, how sweet. She then asked if she could start her own blog. Um, not sure about that one yet, but it was very cute.

We enjoyed a charming candlelight dinner and then went to a local HS Basketball game. As soon as the door to the gym opened - the smell took me back to the six years I coached cheerleading. Then I was all nostalgic and it was fun to walk down memory lane in my mind. Met a sweet mama and we had a nice chat and then home to put littles in bed.

Confession: I have not wrapped one single gift except for the very few things I've mailed already. So, that is up next on my agenda tonight. A movie + gift wrapping = fun!

Emily took this photo and I love that it showed the candle holders I scored today thrifting! Plus, I actually just really love this photo that she took! Great job, sweetie!

More December Photo Project here!


Mom said...

Great photos -- Emily is following in her Mama's footsteps with a camera! :) Very cute about her enjoying your blog and wanting to start her own. :) Love you! Mom

~katie~ said...

So cozy! I'll second what Emily said ~ your blog is awesome, indeed. =)

Oh, and I also agree wholeheartedly that a movie + gift wrapping = fun! Will be joining you in that same endeavor tonight...so what movie are you going to watch?? :) I'm torn between Little Women, Christy, and Love's Enduring Promise. Maybe I'll have to bake another batch of cookies and settle on two (hee hee).

Blessings on your quiet and productive evening! Good night, sweet Monica!

Elaine said...

Enjoyed your post...enjoyed hearing about your bargins, seeing your pictures and learning that your daughter wants to follow in mommy's footsteps by blogging. I have a feeling she will be as good as you when the time is right. Thanks for sharing.

Janet said...

WOW! Great pictures. Just lovely.

And way to go, Emily! :)

What great luck you had at the store.

That is so neat that you can make football cookies as a birthday treat.

Take care, Janet W


Mary Ann said...

Loved this post! We have some similar candle-holders that Andy's grandparents passed on to us shortly after we were married. So pretty!

Emily is so sweet! How cute that she loves your blog! I've often wondered what the children of bloggers' thoughts would be towards being blogged about!

And yay God for thrifty treasures! You know I'm all about that!:-)

*carrie* said...

That top photo is so cozy!

Glad you scored some fun bargains, and that you had a fun time at the b-ball game.

I'm 90% done wrapping gifts, but it's largely out of the necessity of traveling/celebrating early.

Shelby said...

Great job Emily, you are going to be just like your mama with her creative and crafty ways. Love the candle holders Monica:) Love a good thrift find.


angie said...

My wrapping is mostly done--just need to wrap what still needs to be bought. But my ironing pile is high! I think I shall pair it with a Christmas movie.
Greens, candles, pine cones, cookie cuttersand bows--that is all that is needed to decorate.

Mrs. K said...

When my son was 7 he discovered my blog and wanted to start his own. So I set it up so that it was private and could only be viewed by family members. I think it's a great way for them to learn technology and also creative writing.