Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Seven years ago today, I woke up in the middle of the night with a lot of back pain and contractions. Since it was my first baby (and, I wasn't due until later in November), I wasn't really sure when it was time to go to the hospital and it was a Presidential Election day so we were hoping to vote. I waited until about 6 to wake David up and by this point, nothing had changed - more contractions, and I was just getting more uncomfortable.

I didn't want to be one of those girls who got sent home from the hospital being told it just wasn't time yet. And, I'd already been to the hospital once and maybe twice to slow down my pre-term labor.

We agreed that the polls opened at 7, so we would each get a shower and get our things together and go vote on the way to the hospital. And, we pulled in promptly to the local elementary school to vote.

By the time we got to the school, I wasn't interested in voting any more :) and we agreed that David should go in and vote while I waited in the car. You know, it usually only takes a few minutes to vote, right? I was supposed to honk the horn until he came if I needed David - we had our little plan in place.

I don't really remember how I passed the time - but I do remember that I kept moving my foot forward and back - just some movement to help me feel a little more comfortable. I was getting more and more antsy and ready to go and eventually found out there was some problem with the voting machines.

An hour later, David was back explaining all the hang ups and I was ready to go. Turns out, I was 8cm dilated when we got to the hospital and needless to say - it was only a few hours later that our Emily made her appearance.

I had wanted to have a little girl and name her Emily for years! My great-grandma's name was Emily and I was hoping no one else in the family would beat me to it. I was hoping that Memee could meet her new Emily (she did when she was almost three months old). And, I was so excited that God was allowing these dreams to come true for me.

Today, she celebrates her 7th birthday and I can hardly believe how the years have flown by. Emily is my child who wants to try everything, who seems mature beyond her years, who challenges me in ways I hadn't imagined one at this age would.

She is incredibly smart, picks things up very fast, is a great reader, loves babies and kittens and horses. I love the freckles sprinkled all over her face and often see a beauty that will develop as she grows.

I am so thankful that she has Jesus in her heart! I am thankful she is part of our family! And, I am trusting God to lead her in His ways - oh, how I pray for this!

We're having her party on Saturday - but for today, she has requested Lucky Charms for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch and pizza for dinner.

Happy Birthday, Emily!
I love you so much!
Love, Mama


Mom/Grammie said...

Happy birthday, sweet Emily! As I read the account your mama wrote about the day you were born, it brought back my own memories of that special day. :) Since you arrived early, I couldn't get there until the next day. Everyone else was talking about the outcome of the election, but you were the big news in our family!

Pepaw and I love you so much! We are thankful for your good health, for your curiosity and love of learning, and that Jesus lives in your heart. :)

Happy, happy birthday, dear Emily!
Love, Grammie and Pepaw

bretswife1 said...

What a beautiful and precious child. Enjoy your day Emily!

Wendi said...

I remember she was just a baby when I started reading your blog. Wow, times sure flies! Happy Birthday, Emily!

*carrie* said...

Yay, Emily! Love this post, and love that girl. Didn't remember all that with the voting, so it was fun to read again.

Happy birthday, sweetie!

Katy said...

Happy 7th birthday Emily!!!

Your story was sweet...I smiled the whole way through it. :)

~katie~ said...

Happy Birthday, Emily!!

Monica, I'm guessing election days can't go by without you remembering her birth story!

Hope you both have a lovely day!

Christy Stanton said...

I remember Emily was born not long after my Natalie... she was one of her first friends! Happy Birthday Emily!: )

Irish American Mom said...

I just found your blog through your comment on The Pioneer Woman's website. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl. I love the warm, welcoming look of your blog, especially your artistic header.

Mary Ann said...

Happy birthday Emily! She was only about 1 year old when I began reading your blog, Monica. How time flies; it's been wonderful to watch her grow!

That Election Day was the first time I ever voted and we had been married exactly 1 month at that time!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Emily!

Elaine said...

Enjoyed your story and brought back memories of the birth of my second child where I just made it to the hospital in time to give birth to her. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter, Emily.

Elise said...

Happy Birthday, Emily!!! I love the story of your great-grandmother!! I, too, named Lilly after a grandmother.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and many blessings to your beautiful little girl! Have a wonderful day!

Meems said...

What a sweetie! Happy birthday Emily!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Emily!

angie said...

How precious for Emily to have this written narrative of her birth story and her namesake.
Enjoy your special day, Emily!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Emily.
It was good to talk to you this afternoon. I am so very proud of you. How well I remember the morning you were born and your Mama called me and wanted to tell Memee about her new little namesake. We were so thrilled!
You have been a joy to our famiy ever since.
I'm sure we all will remember that election day in 2004!!

Happy happy birthday, sweet Emily.
Have fun at your party Sat.

I love you very much, Nana

Carrie said...

Ok, that's a pretty amazing story. Thanks for fulfilling your civic responsibility! ;D HA! That's incredible. (No WAAAY I could have done that!)

Happy Birthday to your adorable little girl! In my opinion, just from seeing pictures, she looks an awful lot like her aunt Carrie!

I hope she has a lovely day!

Jordin said...

Each time I see your little Emily in pictures, I always think she looks wise beyond her years--there's a depth or knowing or *something* in her eyes and smile. You ARE a blessed Mama!

Grace said...

Happy Late Birthday sweet Emily!! I have loved seeing you grow and look forward to seeing you grow for a beautiful little girl to beautiful young lady.

Paige said...

We were pregnant together remember? A month apart but you went early. I remember that. What a sweet age our 7's are. Mine our baby and yours your big. God is so good.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you should win some kind of award for being a super mom and a super citizen for waiting in the car for an hour while your hubby voted! This was a sweet tribute to your little girl. Happy Birthday, Emily!