Sunday, October 16, 2011

Days of Beauty: Future Home

I recently remembered a Beth Moore Bible Study I did in my single years. I can't tell you which study this was in, but I do remember that we read a description of Heaven and she encouraged us to just draw some of it out.

Reading through parts of Revelation 21 and 22 - I tried to incorporate everything I read there into these two pages that made a feeble attempt at wrapping my mind around Heaven. I don't think my finite mind really can comprehend Heaven this side of it - but I appreciated the idea and goal behind it.

Heaven is going to be beautiful!!!!!

So much more beautiful than what I've been talking about here lately - earthly beauty.

So, here's my drawing - it looks primitive and messy. I kept reading more things that needed to be added to my picture and to capture the hugeness of His holiness I even wrote faintly H.O.L.Y. over the whole picture - can you see it?

I hope you won't think it is disrespectful to share this drawing - I am not trying to say this is exactly what Heaven is going to look like - just that it was a helpful exercise to me to read the passages through in such detail and drawing it out brought it home to me somehow.

It seems appropriate in a month of beauty and especially on a Sunday to remember the beauty of our future home!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post!! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I think this is lovely Monica. As philippians 4:8 says. Think on these things.....
My older son and I drew the river flowing from the throne and the tree of life yesterday in our Bible time together, after we read in Revelations. We were visualizing the 12 diffrent fruits on one tree. It will be a Holy lovely place that none can comprehend. Drawing seeems to feed the soul, a yearning hope and a sweet longing...and that's beautiful. I really like your picture. Thank you for sharing the prettiest thing, your heart for the One and Only, Our Lord. smiles, Angelia

Kaira said...

I LOVE this! What a fabulous idea and I think the boys and I are going to do this in our homeschool this week. Thanks for sharing!

~katie~ said...


Just in church yesterday, someone mentioned that if only people spent more time pondering Heaven, we'd have a more pleasant time here on Earth! (Not in the sense that life would be easy but rather that we would be focused on the hope we have instead of dwelling on the discouragements.)

Beauty from God's Word spills into our hearts and then overflows into everything else! I think you taking the time to do such an exercise is beautiful!!