Saturday, October 22, 2011

Days of Beauty: Following Your Lead

Rachel came running in one morning last week with a beautiful leaf that she had found. She was all excited and waving it around and ran up to me to show me what a treasure she had!

You know what? I love that!

My girls have watched my love for beauty and have since taken great enjoyment in finding beauty and bringing it to me or bringing me to it. They have helped me experience even more beauty because we have opened each others eyes to beauty.

Our children learn to notice and appreciate beauty partially by how we respond to beauty. By how we treat beauty. My girls know that if they spy something especially beautiful, I will stop everything and usually grab my camera before running to see what they've found!

It is a connection between us. Something we're both interested in. And, truly I think they love it because I love it. They want to make me smile and see that I'm pleased with what they've found. And, it is creating a love of beauty in them as well. It is something we can share!

My girls and I love to stop and watch butterflies, smell flowers, look for pretty leaves or see the rays of the sun filtering through the trees. We delight in pointing these things out to one another and these things remind us of our Heavenly Father!

I saved this leaf all day in a glass of water by the sink so I could enjoy it again later in the afternoon and evening. It's an opportunity for me to show them that God's Creation is beautiful and special. Yes, it is external beauty and it is not as important as our hearts - but it is more important that how we physically look to praise Him for His great creation!

What are children learning about beauty from you?

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