Saturday, October 29, 2011

Days of Beauty: The Beauty of Giving

One thing that brings beauty to my life is to give. I love to think of something special or hear something mentioned and then make it or find it to gift to a sweet friend.

Here's how this one began:

I decided earlier this year not to go to Relevant this year. This is just the decision God gave me peace in - but as the time got closer for it, I was starting to wish I could go. Then, I found out my sweet blog-friend and kindred spirit Joy was going to speak. Oh, I really wished to go.

Truthfully, it wouldn't be a good time for our family. I don't know how we'd swing it financially and it's been sold out for months - so doesn't really matter anyway. But, I didn't want to wallow in this regretful feeling.

God gave me the idea of making something for Joy to send to the hotel and surprise her. I saw a number of pallet art wall hangings on her Pinterest board and wanted to make something like this for her.

David helped me scrounge the most weathered pieces of wood from back by our shed and I cut them in half and nailed them to a board in the back. Now, what should I put on it? I didn't want to directly copy the words of a sign off Pinterest, yet wanted it to be special and meaningful to Joy.

So, I headed to her blog and found her life verse and instantly knew that would be a good choice. I just free-handed the lettering and then sanded it for some aged-look. A little pennant garland out of scrapbook paper allowed me to include more of the verse on the sign.

Joy - I hope you love it! It was beauty to me to spend part of a lovely afternoon making it for you and imagining how it might bless and encourage you.

How can you give a little beauty today to yourself and someone else?


Bran said...

so sweet and beautiful. You are a sweet friend!

~katie~ said...

Tears! This is so genuinely beautiful in every aspect of it. Your love for the Lord overflows and blesses others (all of us!!). *Romans 12:10* So thrilled for Joy to receive this sweet surprise! Absolutely precious.

Ginger said...

It's lovely, Monica~

*carrie* said...

That is so neat, Monica. I know it will bring her much JOY!

Wendi said...

How sweet! I am sure that the verse will mean even more to her when she looks at the sign and remembers how her thoughtful friend took time to think of her.

angie said...

And so the beauty begins...your thoughtful act will spur Joy to do unto another, and so on, and so forth.
I too love to give gifts. Recently, my daughter was invited to a birthday party where the invitation said "gift cards preferred." I was so taken back by this, and knew that I would miss the fun of putting together a gift. I perceived the mom's intent was to lessen the amount of toys received, so I focused my gift on consumables. I put together a movie snack basket, complete with birthday cups and napkins, and $1 to use for a Redbox rental. The family planned a movie night for the following Friday night.

Mary Ann said...

That's beautiful! What a thoughtful surprise for your friend!

Kathy said...


Thank you for sharing. I wish someone would make one for me (guess I will have to hint to dh and ds)

Elaine said...

Love it! What a loving thing to do for Joy! I know she felt LOVED!

LS said...

It's so encouraging to see you choosing your family's needs over your own wants. I would have loved to go to Relevant this year (and last too) but it was not in our budget either and sometimes it can feel like we "majorly missed out" when we see all of the bloggyland reviews of what an awesome time it was. Your post really blessed me. Thanks so much and what a beautiful gift for Joy. I enjoy her blog too. I just wonder how she got that all the way back to Indonesia?