Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This & That

When life is a hustle and bustle and I feel very distant from quiet and all my efforts turn up feelings and reality such as this (ahem):

... I've been revisiting quiet. Meanwhile, here are a bunch of random updates and thoughts:

Here are a few pictures from apple painting - looks quiet even though it was not!!

I made Maple Oat Scones for the First Day of Fall ...

... I took my littles to a neat Butterfly Homeschool Hour at a nearby museum -
wow did I learn a lot!

David and I finally watched Soul Surfer thanks to a free Blockbuster code, David's mom and I took the girls to see Dolphin Tale - a rare treat! It was great - did any of you see it?

It had obviously been a very long time since I cleaned out the drawer under the oven. :)

We've spent a lot of time away from home recently and I'm reminded why it is better for us to be home.

I usually get my Fall decorations out over Labor Day and I haven't gotten a single thing out yet. Almost a month lost of enjoying my Fall goodies ... have you gotten your Fall things out?

I've prepped my Organized Christmas notebook and am itching to get started - just found out we are privileged to host Christmas this year and am SO excited!

Ok, I guess that is enough random for now - have a great day!


LynnMarie said...

I got our fall decorations out just before Labor Day but I don't have little one here so it was easy. Also since winter is brutle up here I need to have things up and ready for winter so that's my push. You enjoy your little ones for as long as you can.

Tina Leigh said...

I like getting my Fall things out the first of September too. I've already bought a few mums. Got apples from Blue Ridge last week so I am putting up pies in the freezer. I love Fall!

More than Survival said...

REAL life!!!
I've got real life, too....
Look at your girl's beds.... they are MADE!! Yippee for them!
Life does not have to be *perfect* to be good.
Totally understand about the being home thing. Home is a great place, a good place to be!

My life motto for right now:
"Enjoy the MOMENT, for this is your LIFE"

Mom said...

Thanks for these random updates and beautiful photos -- I hope you can get your fall goodies out soon! We weren't home for Labor Day weekend so I didn't get mine up until the next weekend. Sending quiet thoughts your way! Love you, Mom

Elaine said...

Enjoyed your post today. Only thing I have done for fall is bake and eat pumpkin muffins! You have inspired me to get going on fall decor.

angie said...

Thank you for the link to Organized Christmas. Just what I needed to corral all of the gift ideas I have running around in my head.
Yes, staying at home can help. But your field trips have sounded so menaningful.
I have some fall decor out, but not all yet.

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Random but so sweet. I love the peek into your day- isn't it so good to be home? :)

I set out our autumn decorations on Thursday- oh, it's so glorious and *warm*! My two youngest love to flip the switch on our autumn village once it begins to get dark, and I love to flip the switch during my Quiet Time in the mornings- so cozy!

I've gathered six other friends (including a sister and two sisters-in-love!) to have a fall nature swap again this year. I'm just putting the finishing touches on my project and preparing to ship them out. Over the next couple of weeks, six other fall projects should be trickling in to my home- so fun!

Blessings on your day, Monica!


Jen said...

Oooo thanks for including the scone recipe! Looks delish! Oh, and it might help to close their door! That's how I do best ignoring their "creative play." And the #1 most effective way my kids clean with a happy heart is to make it a game... "Whoever cleans up the most, the best (i.e. not just shoving under beds or in closets), gets a special treat! (a couple chocloate chips, or nowadays, candy corn, goes a long way!!!) Now I'm off to make scones!!!

Brenda said...

YES!!! Friday was premiere day of Dolphin Tale, and while I was at a lovely Ladies Retreat, daddy took all the children to see it. I've been doing a marine biology unit study with our children that is based on Dolphin Tale in preparation for seeing it!!
We live in Texas. It's still 94 degrees here. It's hard to blend the outside temperatures with colorful leaves, hay bales, and fall decor. Instead, we're still visiting the "beach" {our local state park with a lake} and since everyone is in school.....we have the beach to ourselves!!! I am determined though to make the first weekend in October, "decoration day" as well as "sort through the seasonal clothing day!!" P.S. My 4 girls share a bedroom and it looks much worse than your little ladies EVERY day!! So enjoy your blog!!

Blissful & Domestic said...

It is good to know my daughters room is not the only one that gets crazy. Also I have not gotten my fall decorations out yet either. I need to get on top of that.

Mom said...

I just looked at your blog photos again -- do I see Bunny's feet in the photo (on right) of the girls' room??
Love you! Mom

Anonymous said...

I made the Maple Oat Scones this morning, thanks so much for the recipe!
I do hang a fall themed wreath by the front door and place some leaf branches and bowls and dishes of natural things around. With a late September birthday, fall decorating is my gift to myself my birthday week :-)

Elise said...

I normally get my Fall stuff out towards the end of August, but haven't yet. I feel like I've been in such a funk for the last year-PPD maybe, I don't know...But, I have been staying at home the past few days trying to get some order in our home and it feels great!! I think we are most fulfilled and at peace when we are doing what we know we ought to be doing, you know what I mean??

Oh, I'm also listening to Christmas music on Pandora so that helps. :)