Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cozy Morning

These mornings often seem to spring up on my suddenly without a lot of planning or thought. And, this was no different. I woke up and began my normal morning routine. But when sitting down for my Quiet Time - I had a nudge to make this morning special. And, noticing it was below 70 degrees when I woke up - oh, I had to get out there and enjoy it! The ideas came together quickly and we had a great morning together!

Everything tastes better when mixed with love!
I love how the kitchen looks in the early morning - and being up early and making something tasty while it is peaceful is such a joy!

Before we began our morning, Rachel wanted me to take a picture of her "bo-fay" :)

I made this yummy pumpkin oatmeal! I love fall food!

We loaded up our wagon and began the walk to our neighborhood "lake."

I had just clicked to take Emily's photo as she was pointing ...
"{Gasp} Look, Mama!"

Here's what she was pointing at!

Sweet Rachel wanted to push her brother in the stroller, though he is more than capable of walking! She is such a little mama!

This sight always makes me think of Heaven!

We ate our warm breakfast and drank hot tea! We read books! We saw turtles and ducks and birds and a helicopter and airplanes.

We made flags as part of our history that week and painted!

We were there about two hours! What a wonderful morning spent outside together!


~katie~ said...

What precious times!! Isn't motherhood and the freedom to homeschool such a gift from God? Thanks for sharing about your sweet outdoor morning together! =)

Blessings on your homeschool ~ may you have many mornings filled with coziness and glimpses of God's goodness.

(The scene Emily was gasping at reminded me of 1 Chronicles 16:33-34! =)

More than Survival said...

You are such an inspiration!!!!!!! My motto is "Enjoy the MOMENT, for this is your LIFE". You are a shining example of this principle in action! Your children are blessed.

Mom said...

What a beautiful morning and precious hours spent together -- thanks for sharing with the rest of us! Love you, Mom

Jennifer said...

What a fun morning you planned! I hope I remember to do all these special things with my children as they grow up!

*carrie* said...

N+N just looked at these pix with me. What a nice morning! Have a good day at CC.

Country Girl in the City said...

What a beautiful way to start a day! When I saw the teapot on the wagon, I wanted to come along too. I may have to keep this in mind for next summer as we are getting very chilly in the mornings here already. Otherwise we will just have to do a pic-pic lunch instead.

Blissful & Domestic said...

What a beautiful morning. Inspired me to do something similar. Thanks for sharing:>

angie said...

What a beautiful backdrop for a lovely morning. I finally found some canned pumpkin, so I will be anxious to try this oatmeal recipe.
I'm curious--Will watercolors wash out easily? As I'm typing this question, I'm convicted to stop worrying about stains and enjoy those things that bring me happiness!

Bran said...

Such a pretty and inspiring post! You so often encourage me to have fun with the spontaneous!

And...I miss the Lowcountry!

Anonymous said...

Oh Monica,

That looks like such a LOVELY morning. Yummy food, pretty decor and surroundings and precious photos of our adorable little ones...as well as the beautiful nature. I agree that the photo of the light streaming down through the trees reminds us of heaven.
Oh what a wonderful day that will be when we shall see Jesus, in all of His splendor and majesty.

Love you, Grandma

Paige said...

looks like you are doing just fine planning without a plan. You are a pro at spontaneous and that is a gift! I am jealous as the teradactyl sized mosquito would have carried us away.

Riverswamp said...

The best plans are not really plans at all :)
Thanks for sharing with us!!