Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I really enjoyed this post from Emily at Chatting at the Sky wondering aloud why it is hard to call oneself a writer.

This just really was a blessing to me and has helped me to put some of my very heart into words that are tangible.

I am a writer.

There, I said it. And, I believe it.

I have never been one to call myself a writer. I'm not grammatically correct nor really love grammar that much. I'm not a book-caliber writer. But, I do write.

You know what? I can't help writing...if I'm in my quiet place with my Bible and really learning and gleaning - my hand is fairly itching for a pencil and paper or keys to process the thoughts and jot them down. It is just what I do - I process in words that are not spoken as much as they are typed or written down.

And, that makes me a writer. Because this is how God has made me - to write. I love to write words, to write beauty and light through pictures, to write memories. I don't need to be ashamed to call myself a writer (like I think I have been up to this point) because I am not going to be the next Jane Austen or Beth Moore.

I am me. The exact me that God wants me to be and created me to be. He put it in me to write. And, so write I shall. The words that He gives and inspires, the lessons I'm learning. They won't always be written correctly, I cannot promise no typos - but I will write. And, it will bless my Creator who instilled this within. And, it will bless me for the ways it frees my head and heart to get these thoughts out from the swirling vortex of my mind.

I am a writer. Are you?


LynnMarie said...

And you do it well! And better yet, you share it all with us.

Michelle said...

Yes, you're most definitely a writer!

I have been a writer since childhood, and now I get paid to write. Only since receiving paychecks, though, have I really said "I'm a writer." And even now, I hesitate, because I'm not a BOOK writer. I know that it's silly to feel inadequate like that.

Good for you for embracing the talent that God gave you! :)

Mary Ann said...
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Kathy said...

You write from the heart! and you bless so many of us!
Thank you!

angie said...

I agree--and I am a writer too. Most often, my audience is simply my family as I pen a daily journal. But it is enough for me to process my thoughts and keep a record of these moments. (Perhaps I will get back to blogging someday...)
Thank you for sharing the gift God has given to you.

Grace said...

as someone who is Not a writer I would most definitly say YES you are a writer. I don't care about grammar and the like. if I read something and it describes the beauty in something and I can see it just from those words then I would say you have a talent. when i can feel an emotion just from a written word then then again you have a talent. you my dear have this talent and I have said it since I have know you and read your blog!! I TOLD YOU SO. LOL. Love you friend, I am so glad you have accepted your gift.

Bran said...

I'm glad you write, friend!

Wendi said...

You have a wonderful way of writing from the heart and making me feel like I am sipping tea and having a conversation with you.

More than Survival said...

You are a writer... and write things I enjoy reading!!! Keep writing!! I also NEED to write but like you have been afraid make it official and call myself a writer.

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

Way to go! Love it, especially with our recent conversations. BUT, I disagree with you, I think you ARE a book writer. IMO, you should TOTALLY write a homespun crafting book, or a making your home beautiful on a budget book. You should think about it. :)
Blessings to you!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Oh, friends. You have blessed me today. Love and a hug to each of you!

Abbi said...

I enjoyed your post. It reminded me a lot of my own thoughts. I too am a writer but have had trouble claiming that title.