Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Quiet's Classroom

It has now been a few weeks since God brought the idea of a quiet heart to my mind. So, how has it changed me? What is different?

I have noticed a change in our home - and in me for the good. One of my goals was to increase the amount of time I spend in God's Word. Not just letting my morning quiet time be sufficient for the day, but meeting with Him during afternoon Quiet Time and sometimes in the evening as well.

Oh, how He has multiplied my time for choosing to spend it this way. I can't remember when I've gotten so much accomplished and more than that - when my attitude and heart have been this peaceful in the accomplishing.

This multiplying of time has been a blessing to me, to the tone of our home, and to encouraging me to spend more time with my Lord. It has also helped me to have time to serve others. One night I started dinner a little earlier for no obvious reason - and a friend called after dinner to talk. I was able to offer to come help her because we were done early with dinner and clean up plus my homekeeping for the day.

It has been so good for my soul to have a tidier and more orderly home. I've actually had time to read, to work ahead on other things, to do some deeper cleaning and do a better job with my chores.

I'm not saying any of this to brag. Quite the contrary, I say it very humbly because I know that it is not me at all - it is purely God's grace that is allowing this change. I've known that I was not using my time as efficiently as I could have. And, this is part of what I have asked God to work on in me.

Some things that have helped me in addition to spending more time with God and His Word are:

* I've been exercising. My Mom introduced me to this Walk By Faith DVD and it has been such a blessing to me. I feel better, have more energy and truly enjoy doing the two mile work out. I can't recommend it enough.

* I'm less stressed. It is true that a tidier nest around me creates a more peaceful inside.

* Diligence. Just purposing to work hard, do a good job in my home and quiet my heart has made a difference.

* Turning to the right things. Ok, this is a painful confession - but when I've been really overwhelmed or stressed in the past I've turned to the computer. Not for anything specific, but I'd read or browse - generally just waste time. Now, I'm turning to God and investing in my heart instead. Wow - what a difference.

I've gotten back to my main goal of being on the computer for shorter times but also while my children are sleeping or in bed resting. I check my e-mail quickly in the morning and at lunch and then after they go to bed. And, I've been writing posts for this place on the weekends or evening and working in advance to allow a bit more freedom.

I still fail. I still try to revert to my natural human sinful tendencies - but I'm praying for God's help to continue developing these new habits and qualities. I want to have the "inner beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit which is of great worth in God's sight." (1 Peter 3:4)


Photos: a new flower arrangement I made for our living room.


Riverswamp said...

This is exactly what I have been working on here in my home. I have been reading 1,000 Gifts this past month (and loving it) and realize just how much rushing and stress are just not worth it.
I live in a small rural community and people used to visit and drop in on each other, now all anyone does is work. I am trying to be more balanced..I used to keep an immaculate house...always cleaning instead of sitting with my children for a few minutes to do something they would enjoy...coloring or reading more to them or what ever. Now the oldest graduated this past year, the second is doing dual enrollment college/high school, and my youngest is starting 9th grade.Time is racing by!
You will not regret your choice to slow down!

LynnMarie said...

Great post there girl! Keep it up and you will continue to see His blessings.

Valerie said...


Thanks for the inspiration.

Valerie said...

P.S. I can't agree with you more! A little over a month ago, I began blogging "regularly" again. The past year has been quite a a good way...with the addition of baby #3..but I just couldn't seem to get posts written...or my house cleaned.

What I realized was that I had the same 24 hours as every other mama...the difference was that I wasn't prioritizing my time or spending it with Him. Yes, I was getting more sleep...and yes, nursing mamas do need that...but by setting my alarm for 1-hour earlier than I usually get up, I am able to both spend time in the Word and write a quick morning blog.

Mary Ann said...

I've been guilty lately of wasting time at the computer when overwhelmed too. Then at the same time, I feel like I barely have enough time for quiet time with God! Obviously, something is off-balance here.

This post really hit home and reinforces some of what God has been impressing on my heart lately.

Wendi said...

Nice post! I am guilty of using the computer as a stress reliever. :( I also find that when I am overwhelmed that I tend to throw my hands up and say "I give" and nothings gets done. I am working on this!

Lauren(in Savannah) said...

I would love to hear if you have a cleaning schedule. I have 4 girls ages 20-6 and the little ones make (what I call) messes. For example right now they have all their little plastic houses set up with a road made out of brown paper and that takes up the whole den. I asked them if they were done because now they are making clay things that can be baked. They said they are not done with the village because they are making clay things for the village. See where I am going with this....
We homeschool plus I sit with my Granny several times a week and also sometimes babysit at church so I am in and out and am trying to figure how to schedule cleaning, cooking, laundry ect.....
My prayer time is mostly at night but I try to do "breath prayers" throughout the day......

Dayna (Spear) Guenther said...

I'm with you and Wendi. I have used the computer for stress relief, and it's actually counter-productive, as you indicated. I get less done when I "turn to the wrong things." I get more accomplished when my focus is on HIM from first thing in the morning. This SO resounded with me, because God is working on me in these same exact areas! Thanks for being transparent enough to share this with us!

Kristin said...

this is very inspiring! i think i struggle to find a balance and a sense of peace in my home daily. :)

Mom said...

Great post! I love how you are seeing results from time spent with the Father. I love your gentle, quiet spirit. And I love being your mama! (Thought of you as I walked with Leslie this morning :) -- Love, Mom