Friday, August 26, 2011

Book Review:: My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln

I recently received a review copy of My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln by Robert L. Bloch. I was excited to read it since we will be studying American History this year and learning about Abraham Lincoln in the next few weeks.

Admittedly, I like classic books. It is rare for a new children's book to be one that I am looking for. This is a cute book and a good story about the friendship of Abe Lincoln and his fictitious friend Sam. But, I struggle with the fact that the entire story is not based on true history. And, I prefer less cartoon-like illustrations.

I know that my children will enjoy reading this book and I appreciate the chance to share a fun story of friendship with them. And, I'm sure they will learn a thing or two in the process!

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Unknown said...

Cool! Here's wishing you a good school year. :)

God bless and keep you,