Wednesday, August 24, 2011

31 Days of ...

Emily of Chatting at the Sky had a great post up on her October 31 days series - and then she linked to a post on Defining Your Bloggy Purpose. It all got me to thinking about how I would answer some of the questions she poses and what I would want to write about for 31 days straight!

I headed to my Peace Retreat with her list of questions and the answer that came to questions like what would I want to write about for 31 days? What makes me feel alive?

Even if no one is listening or reading, even if my words are written only for myself. The one thing I know I could not help thinking, talking, creating or writing about is:


Honestly in being artsy or crafty - I think my true motivation comes from the beauty it will create rather than the actual process of doing it. Beauty inspires me, it refreshes me. I know beauty isn't everything - but it just does something to and for me.

I haven't decided if I will write about beauty for the entire 31 days - but I do hope to post on this topic some in October. It is one I will never get tired of!!!

What is that one thing for you that answers some of the above questions?

* * *

Pictures of beauty around here lately.


Anonymous said...

My answer would be Nature (or the natural).
God's Creation untouched my man
Natural foods (I do so enjoy cooking)
Natural face, without makeup (although I do wear a tad, the more I sort through my life's issues, the more I feel loved by God, the less I have to hide behind a mask)
Nature brought indoors
Thank you for the reflection today, Monica. I look forward to reading more.

Anonymous said... a peaceful feeling inside of me.It might sound strange to say that about beauty.But when we don't have peace in our hearts,life isn't beautiful at least not for me.That's how I see it.Best regards to you...BTW love your blog!!!

Mom said...

Be assured that I am reading your beautiful blog and look forward to seeing what you post each day! Love you lots, Mom

More than Survival said...

Joy in the SIMPLE moments!! "Enjoying the moment.... for this is my life"
You've got me thinking!!! I might have to join in, too.

Anissa said...

I was just thinking about this yesterday. Writing was so enjoyable previously, but I lost something this last year and I am fighting to regain it. Reading the questions and pondering my recent thoughts has helped me discover it.
If I could write about anything -- it would be about profound, deep, God thoughts. Deep contemplations and observations about God and his word and watching his word being confirmed in tiny moments of life.
Maybe I will start writing again. If not for the world, at least for myself and my family.