Thursday, July 07, 2011

Pioneers Museum

Last Friday, we had fun going to the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum! I have been here numerous times, but have never brought my children. We've had this on our list of possible activities for a few summers, but this is the year it worked out! And, best of all - it is free!

I was pleasantly surprised how much fun our children had at a museum about Colorado Springs history! There are a lot of neat things to see and the staff had come up with a fun Scavenger Hunt for the children to work on as they went through the museum.

The building the museum is in used to be the Court House and they still have one court room set up like it would've been then. One year, our high school drama department did Witness for the Prosecution and performed it in this court room!

The bird cage elevator is fun to see and ride!
The girls enjoyed seeing the old buggies and thought this one resembled Cinderella's!
I was excited to show them this tuberculosis hut. Colorado Springs became home to many suffering from TB because the mountain air helped many of them. My Dad and his rotary club helped to move this hut into the museum years ago, so it was fun to share all of that with our littles!

Then we found a neat display about photography from the past which included a studio room, old fashioned camera, neat clothes and opportunity to dress up and take pictures!

We had such a fun time learning so many things about the Pioneers, Indians and early settlers of Colorado Springs!


Mom said...

It was fun to do this with you! Great photos :) - love, Mom

Melissa M said...

My grandfather was one of those who went to Colorado with TB. I never knew about the huts...very interesting

LynnMarie said...

Sounds like fun! Free is ALWAYS good

Jenny Lynn said...

Such a great way to share a bit of history with your children. Neat that your dad helped move the hut, that must have made it even more special to visit the museum?

~katie~ said...

Oh how fun!! I purposely look for places like this to tour! I love history and especially the Pioneer Era. That picture of you and your children is precious!

Lee said...

What a fun trip! I love that elevator.