Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Becoming Smaller

I am just one small person. A tiny drop of water in a surrounding ocean. Sometimes, life feels big. Sometimes I feel big. Bigger than I should, life may feel or even be bigger than we should allow it to be.

There was just a small sparrow bathing and fluttering about at the top of the Terrace Fountain and I feel big. The birds are not trying to accomplish more or be greater than others. They just do what they were created to do.

The thought on my heart lately has been to make life smaller. There are certain things that means and certain things it doesn't. My goal on my retreat day is to hear some specifics from the Lord about what that means to me, what He is impressing on me in this.

A few practical things I already know:

* reduce the number of blogs I read - I've already done this one and cut back to just a small number of blogs I read daily
* use my time more efficiently
* be very careful about outside commitments
* back to basics: home, family, study time, Bible memory
* reduce distractions

Specifics on the above are what I'm praying about and listening for today. To be continued tomorrow...

How do you reign things in when they are larger-than-life?


*carrie* said...

Thanks for sharing this, Monica. Some of your thoughts make me think of that e-book "Tell Your Time"--it' just $2 right now, and I'm thinking of ordering it.

Lisa @ Simply Things Family said...

Your list is the same as my list. I have also greatly reduced the # of blogs that I read daily.
It is so much about the basics. In a complicated world, we can live simply by choice. Thanks!

Flyonthewall said...

I think God is really speaking to me in this area lately... yesterday I "just happened" to view The Pineapple Story (IBLP) in regard to surrendering our rights, and today your blog writings in regard to "being small." I've been so busy lately wanting to stand up for my rights and getting things done that I think need to get done, instead of listening to the "still small voice" that is telling me to faithfully focus on loving and caring for my husband and children, esteeming others higher than myself, and allowing God to work out the "problems" as I faithfully follow Him, and to not take on problems that are not mine...oh so many things to ponder. Thank you, again, for sharing. I used to read too many blogs, which seems to be a waste of my time (mine? or God's? time) parked in front of the computer, but have cut down to just yours as it always a fresh breath of encouragement to me. Even as you share about your parenting experiences, I receive encouragement about the next generation - that we are not alone in our desires to see our children walk with the Lord! May God bless you in your efforts to faithfully follow Him!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...


I think this is a very timely post and a subject that has been on my heart, too. I've been following/participating in this series over at Women Living Well called "Media Mondays" and it's talking about the role of media in different areas of our lives. Now this site i s more for Christian married ladies...but I know there's a l ot of single gals out there too like myself, that like to read...It's good, godly wisdom from fellow Christian ladies...

In any case, first step is reducing the amount of time I spend on the computer each day...for everything, including checking emails.. I've also thought about making a core list of blogs to check in on daily...and the rest when time permits ;) :)

Thanks for a great post ;) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :)

p.s. I'm making sure to have my quiet times in the morning, BEFORE I check my email or Facebook. It's made a huge difference for me :) :) More contented and peaceful :) :)