Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Warm Welcome!

Isn't it the best feeling when you go somewhere to visit and they have little touches that are just for you?

Both my sister and mom had flowers in the room where I was/am staying and my Mom had checked out this library book and put it in my room too. Plus, all the thought that went into the food and having certain things on hand or certain places they knew I'd want to go.

What a sweet, sweet feeling! A good reminder when we have others in our homes - to take a few minutes and do some special things! It is so welcoming!

What says welcome to you?


~katie~ said...

So charming!! I guess those *special touches* run in the family! =)

I think the main thing that says "welcome" to me when I go to others' homes is the smile on the faces and the cheerfulness in the attitudes. Anything else is a bonus, but a sincere enthusiasm about being welcomed into a home speaks volumes.

Jennifer said...

I love fresh flowers, I think they add such a nice touch! Also, when people stay overnight at our house, I like to put a pitcher of water and some glasses in their bedroom in case they are thirsty in the middle of the night or early morning. Most people don't feel comfortable going into a different kitchen and getting a glass of water in the middle of the night, and they don't want to wake anyone.

Mom said...

So glad you're here!! Love, Mom

Lisa @ Simply Things Family said...

What thoughtfulness! You must have a very lving, caring family.

angie said...

Ah, those columbines are beautiful. I have seen that book advertised in Country Living and wanted to check it out. You will have to let us know your review of it.
Enjoy your time with family!

Lee said...

Thanks for the reminder. I'm going to have a house full of guests this weekend, and I really want to make them feel welcome. Beyond the clean house and good food, I want to include all those comfortable little touches for them. Thanks.

Sandi S. said...

Whenever friends come to visit I try to put pictures of them and their family in the guest room so they feel at home. I have had many happy comments on that so I was glad I thought of it.

Sandi S. from Maryland