Friday, June 24, 2011


Five little cousins had a great time playing together in Iowa - I want them to have lots of memories together, and here are a few pictures of their adventures!

Nathan and Emily

Where there are cousins, there are aunties! Natalie and me!

Carrie, Nathan and Emily

Trying for a pic of all five - someone was not happy...

Looking at a caterpillar on the walk. I love this one!


Another attempt at all five:

Going to the bakery - what a decision!


Rachel and Natalie - sweet!

Just missing one in this photo.

Playing in the sand box.

Lunch together on the porch!

Uncle Eric and Emily.

Nathan and Samuel love playing with cars!

Rachel and Natalie color!

Yay! Playing with cousins is so fun!!! Do you have a favorite memory with your cousins?


Ginger said...

ah, my son had a sandbox like that--seems like yesterday. I do have great memories with a favorite cousin. Sadly, I lost touch with her about 3 years ago. But, anyway, my uncle had been in the Navy and his family retired in Woodbridge, VA, a suburb of D.C. Twice a year (once was at Easter) they would come down for a long weekend to my grandmother's house. She lived in the C_O_U_N_T_R_Y. Becky, who was 18 mos older than I, and I would walk the country roads, talk, and have sleepovers. She usually spent one of the nights at our house 30 minutes away. I remember visiting them on several occasions growing up as well. Once her parents were both gone, we lost contact. Our lives and values are totally different, but I do have good memories.

Katy said...

Wonderful photos of memories! :)

I love the caterpillar one too! :)

*carrie* said...

Thanks again for making this happen. Love love love you!

Mother of Many said...

Oh cousin love! Nothing better! I have 4 kids and my sister in law has 5... It is crazy bliss when we all come together. Some of my favorite moments! Certainly favorites of my children!!

Lauren(in Savannah said...

I love cousin time!!!!
My sister lives a few hours away and she has 2 girls and I have 4 girls so when they come here it is a lot of giggling and fun!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI Monica,

these are so CUTE!!! Loved seeing the photos of all the precious kids having fun together. I have to say the one with them all inspecting the caterpillar was realy cute/funny. I also liked the one where they're all staring at the bakery case picking out their goodies ;) :) I'm glad ou all had this chance to spend some time together :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Kathryn D. Duke said...

what sweet children and memories they are making!!!! I love the porch scenes and the pond...what a lovely place!!

~katie~ said...

How precious!

Dawn said...

LOVE the one of Samuel and Nathan playing cars!! And my goodness, Natalie looks just like her Daddy!!
I had 2 very special cousins...both of them were only children like me, so we needed each other!!

Maggie said...

Love the photos! My kids did not have cousin companionship for lots of reasons but the one thing I am struck with (and what we are missing in our extended family) is how thankful you guys can be (and I am sure, are) that you can share the love of Christ with one another!

Karen said...

Sadly, there is an 11-year difference between myself and my oldest of my 3 cousins (all sisters!). And they lived terribly far away. But I have fond memories of them as babies and my delight at having babies around during the holidays. The oldest just graduated highschool and it makes me feel old! Glad you had a good trip.

Lhoyt said...

I have one special cousin. She and I are only five months apart, and now, even at 63, I make it a point to call her on her birthday.