Thursday, May 26, 2011

Small Doses

I'm realizing something - I've historically thought of creating beauty in big doses. Right now, my life doesn't support big doses of much of anything - but that doesn't mean I can't create this beauty in smaller pieces.

Even when my life looks like this:

I can take five minutes (yes, that's it) and make one small space beautiful:

Side note: I've always sort of ignored one of my hydrangeas that doesn't produce full blooms. This past weekend, I decided to embrace their unfinished beauty and enjoy them instead!
The tiny buds are blue instead of the usual green and these only the ones around the outside open to white flowers while the entire middle stays tiny.
Unfinished beauty - I'm enjoying it!

Since typing that above paragraph - I've learned that those hydrangeas are lacecap hydrangeas and are supposed to be this way. Shame on me for ignoring them all these years.

How do you enjoy small doses of beauty?


Tasha said...

Keeping things simple!

~katie~ said...

Enjoying all of who and what surrounds me and looking for little details in all...the little details bring so much joy!

(Love that creativi-tea plate ~ adorable!!)

LynnMarie said...

Still beautiful flowers and enjoy what you can, when you can, with what you have.

Melissa said...

Love your little spot with the fun tea plate! My life seems like one big dose right now. Spending time with Jane, just the two of us, brings me joy.

ktquilts said...

Thanks for the reminder. As we finish up the school year I have been trying to clear out small areas so that my summer isn't filled with clutter!!

Annie said...

I'm so bad about starting monstrous projects only to leave them eternally unfinished. Early this week I had to find something I could start and finish while my son was at school. The result a fully cleaned out shed - including copious amounts of trash and recycling (hangs head in shame). But, the work is done, and following the garage sale tomorrow, you'll actually be able to go in and find what you're looking for!

Thanks for all of your encouraging posts - and for keeping it real!

Leah said...

I do the same thing! I try to ignore the mess around me, pull up to the table with my cup of morning tea and my Bible and scoot my jar of lilacs close. It brings peace to my morning and refreshes me!

Anonymous said...

That top picture, that's how my house looks right now with 3 kids about your kids' ages. Right now in my life to quote the Jeub family, "Good enough is perfect."

Jenny Lynn said...

I am working on keeping things simple. It is hard for me to keep up some weeks. I am certainly looking forward to not working starting in one week.