Thursday, May 12, 2011


I'm sure you all know that I like to do fluffy stuff! Craft, decorate, clip flowers, all the extras that aren't essential to things - those are my favorite things.

These are the things that most often get cut from my time these days. There just isn't time to do them - and if I take time, something else (usually lots of something elses) falls through the cracks or I get behind in my work at home and mothering.

This side of me does not simplify my life. In fact, it usually complicates things. I don't want to turn off this part of who God made me to be - but I do need to remember balance.

So, my creative side has been quieter lately and I'm trying to be ok with that. When we decided to celebrate my birthday on Saturday because of all the recital activities, I asked my Mom if it would be tacky to decorate for my own birthday?!

The food prep was covered (thanks Mom and Dad!) and Samuel was napping while the girls were helping Grammie with secret birthday things. Both my parents helped me do some fun fluffing out on our porch and it was *SO* fun!

A gift to myself: doing something artsy!
A gift from others: helping with my children and the fluffing!

I'm still enjoying the garlands and flowers!

Here are a few ways I simplified:

* Clearance craft kit included pre-cut tissue paper for flowers. Also included string to hang them on, wire to tie them with and punch out shapes that sparkled on one side and had French words on the other. Super easy craft!

* Flowers that David gave me for my birthday and from the girls recital were just put into my bike basket for a cute display. I did not cut or buy any additional flowers - just used what was already in vases! Look around - what do you already have?

* Answering that question about what I already have - I pulled out the pennant and flower garland that I had made last summer. Took about two minutes to hang that up!

* I pulled a charming chalk board off my wall and wrote Celebrate on it. Again, about two minutes!

So to recap - everything was impromptu. I looked around and used what I had and just spent a few minutes making it feel special!

How do you balance fun and practicality? Being yourself and knowing what is realistic?


Anonymous said...

Dear Monica,

I love all your "fluffing" ideas for your birthday celebration.

As for my own ideas: for the birthday luncheon I had this week, I purchased flowers for 1/2 price the day after Mother's Day...and I had gotten a pretty birthday banner and napkins at the Dollar Store. For favors I found little "shot glasses" at the Dollar Store in colors that I was using and I put M & M's in some and cashews (which I had on hand) in some.

I used my prettiest tablecloths with a "teatime" lace topper. I borrowed Joanies pretty china plates and used my own crystal & silver. Then I used my prettiest cups and saucers for after-lunch coffee. The dessert was served in my beautiful cranberry depression glass sherbet dishes which I recently purchased at a Thrift Store.

You and I are so much alike!!

Love you, Grandma

*carrie* said...

1. I can finally leave a comment on this post. Silly Blogger!
2. Your screened-in porch looks gorgeous!
3. What are those French newspaper things?

Mom said...

It was so fun to help you fluff and celebrate! :) Love, Mom

Elise said...

Monica, I love the "fluffing" and do not think its tacky in the least to fluff for your own birthday, though I've never thought to do that...Maybe this year, after all, I will be turning 33 on 11, 11, 2011.
Love it all!!!