Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Friday night was the girls' dance recital! In keeping with tradition, my parents were able to come and enjoy it with us! What a treat to have them here for the past days - we've made so many new memories and had such a great time together!

Both girls are in ballet and this year, Emily also learned tap!

Just for fun: did you take dance as a little (or even big) girl?! I was in ballet for a few years and always wished to get to pointe shoes!


LynnMarie said...

Oh what great pictures and memories! No I never took dance of any kind as a child. I wish I could have but it never happened. Oh well.... as an adult I took a few classes and loved it.

Crystal said...

I only took dance for a year when I was around 5. My parents just could not afford it. But my oldest daughter who is now 21 was in dance since the age of 3 when we started a mom and tot class together. She danced all through high school doing ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap and pointe. Yes it was very expensive for us but she loved it and was good at it. It even got her a scholorship in college where she danced for 2 years and decided it was to much and she needed to focus on getting her degree. Right now though she teaches dance while still going to college and she cheer/dances for an arena football team. She loves dance so much I think it will always be a part of her life.

Anonymous said...

I didn't dance, but my daughter started when she was about 5. She danced into college years and stopped. The last few years have been challenging ones for her but last fall she went to a drop-in class and danced. It has been healing in many ways.
I love the sweet expressions on the girls faces and I'm so glad your parents could come. Wonderful memories, indeed. Elaine

Mrs. K said...

Very cute costumes! I danced as a little girl though it may have only been for one year because I only remember one recital costume. I kept it for many years and it became a play costume. I can still picture the mint green satin, sequins, and tutu. It was tap dancing. I was also a cheerleader for many years so we incorporated dance into a lot of our routines.

A year ago, faced with an unbelievable amount of weight to lose I walked into a Zumba class. I immediately fell in love and recently became an instructor. I always tell people Zumba helps you find your inner dancer/cheerleader. So fun to dance!

Have your girls ever done praise dancing?

*carrie* said...


Such cute pix! And I loved the video David sent of your little bee buzzing around. =)

Talk to you soon.

Valerie said...

Hi Monica.

What adorable girls you have! They look so sweet in their dance recital costumes.

I took dance, but only for a couple of years. It wasn't that I didn't like it...I did. I just had difficulty following the instructor. As a "lefty" I was so confused as a child with mastering my left from my right in a right-handed world, and mirroring dance steps was that much more confusing. I've often thought about taking adult dance now that I've mastered that life skill! ;)

BTW, feel free to drop by and see my post from Sunday (Mother's Day). We too were fortunate to have Mary Catherine's grandparents drive in from St. Louis to attend her ballet recital. The 7th and 8th must have been "ballet recital weekend" across the country!

Blessings to you,

~katie~ said...

Darling! Thanks for sharing!

Yes, I took dance from K through 5th or 6th daughter wears all of my old dance costumes now for fun! =)

Katy said...

Beautiful photos. I am so glad your parents were able to be there to watch, as well! :)

Oh...and I wanted to tell you that I am working on the third dishcloth now and then will start a fourth for you, if you want! :)

angela said...

I took ballet for 7 years.

Unknown said...

Awww, so cute...I always wanted to be in dance but never had the opportunity. My daughter is in dance, taking tap, ballet and jazz. Next year she will add hip hop to her schedule. She is determined to add pointe when its time and continue through high school. My niece goes to the same dance school and is in her last year. She and my daughter are working on a specialty dance to perform at the recital next week! I can't wait to post my pictures! :) I love being a dance mom!!

angie said...

I took tap and ballet lessons for a few years. I can't really remember when I started or stopped.
My daughter has taken tap, ballet, and Irish step. But now, she is smitten with traditional Irish soft shoe. I hope it is something she can continue through adulthood.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness they are so cute! My daughter has the exact same costume for her tap routine as Emily!

Melissa said...

Darling! I took ballet, tap, and jazz classes. Loved them all. I want to take ballroom classes with Brian!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Monica,

These pictures are adorable! What a precious, treasured time with your folks, as well as David's Mother.
You are so blessed!

Love you, Grandma

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

I took ballet, tap, and jazz in middle school and loved it, but had to quit when high school got crazy-busy. All three of our oldest (12, 10, 7) have taken dance with a Christian praise and worship program. Now only our 7 year old dances because it's expensive and she's the only one who really enjoys it now. She's a natural, though, so it's fun for her. Last week was their dance recital. It was a Celtic theme. Lots of fun to watch and such a blessing to be a part of!

Jenny's Heart said...

4 out of the 5 of us took dance lessons, we danced on stage with great costumes at Chrysler Hall(which is a big theater here where all the Broadway shows and many others play) it was such a big deal and my parents were even in some of the numbers. We have great memories of it. Oh and my sister Beth was a pointe ballerina for 12 years.

Mom said...

Great photos! We were so pleased to be able to be there again this year to be part of this special night. :)

I took tap dance lessons briefly as a young girl, but I don't remember much about it.

Love you, Mom

Caitlin said...

I took ballet for a little while when I was a kid and LOVED it! I can still remember getting up on that stage and dancing my heart out. I danced again in jr. high and always wanted to be able to dance professionally, but I just wasn't able to stick with it for financial reasons. If I ever have a little girl, I hope to be able to have her in dance classes (if she wants to of course!)