Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To See Like My Savior: Blindness Part 3

Today, we're going to wrap up our study on blindness - hope you've been blessed by this time in His Word!

As we look at the last section - let's take a closer look into the lives of those who had their sight restored. Of course, to talk about having something restored means that at one time it was not and they did without it.

What do you think it would be like to be blind?

And, then to have your sight restored?

This time instead of noting general observances and whether or not it is physical or spiritual blindness, let's consider two things: the appeal and the outcome.

What did each of these ask Jesus for? How did they come to Him?

How did He respond to them? How did He answer their appeals? Were they impacted spiritually for having been face to face with Jesus? Was it more than physical healing?

So much to consider!

As we close out this part of our study - turn your eyes to Him!

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~katie~ said...

It was refreshing and humbling to read of their appeals to Jesus. They asked for His mercy upon them, and their faith is what struck me. No questions...no qualms...no distractions...no caring of what others thought...their plea to the Savior for His healing....and I was amazed at the quickness of their plea once they realized Jesus was near...it was like they didn't hesitate or wait, they jumped at the opportunity to have His healing touch. How often do I go to Jesus with my pleas first??? How often do I try to fix things myself??? So guilty. This study really opened my eyes to the kind of faith I have from day to day and the kind of faith I want to have. The great love Jesus has for these individuals was so comforting - replying to these dear folks that their faith had healed them. Yes, so very much to consider and treasure in my heart here, Monica. Although the people we are discussing were blind, I don't think we could say their faith was!