Thursday, April 21, 2011

How sweetly they know me.

Friday night found us with a change of plans, so the girls and I headed out to get a birthday gift for a friend. We found a book to give and I said, "How about we go and get some ice cream?!"


We just went to Sonic where the girls split a vanilla shake and I had something delish with M&M's in it. Then, we sat in the car and giggled. It was so sweet and spontaneous and wonderful.

We talked about their favorite things we had done that day and then Emily wanted us to imagine our own cars. We made up cars that drive themselves, fly, ones full of gardens, one that was a house, etc... it was so cute and the giggles were precious!

On the way home, Emily wanted to tell me about her last idea for a car. It was huge - had six bedrooms and four bathrooms. I wondered who was going to clean all that? Oh, you just push a button and it cleans, she exclaimed.

"I love your idea! So, if I want to pick up all the toys I just push a button and (beep) it does it?"


"Does it cook dinner too?"

"Yes! It does everything you do!"

"What do I do then?"


Now Rachel chimes in, "Wrap presents!"

, Emily rejoins.

"How fun!!"
I marvel at how they know me.

Next Emily says, "Miss Grace's house is right next to ours!"

They know how much I would enjoy the opportunity to craft, sew, wrap gifts and be right next door to Miss Grace. But, the sweetest of all is how they have observed me and know me. I was blown away and just don't want to forget this sweet time.

And, how my heart soars that they do not think of the times I am grouchy or crabby - but happiest. They seem to think the best of me. Can you imagine how life would change if I thought the best of them? Of others? If we all did that for each other?

We came home full of laughter and happy, light hearts. Thank You, Lord for the idea to go out for ice cream with my girls and just enjoy them, thank you for make believe cars and for sweet girls who know their Mama. May I be able to bless them by knowing them.


Leanne said...

I love this post☺ totally inspiring☺

LynnMarie said...

Such a cute post - full of love and things to treasure!

Anonymous said...

Precious! tammyp

Mom said...

Oh how I love this! I'm so glad you had this sweet time with your little girls -- what a treasured memory! (And I wouldn't mind having a car that cleaned itself and fixed dinner! :)
Lots of love, Mom

Wendi said...

So sweet!

Grace said...

YAY!!!!! I Love that house ;)
I like to imagine Heaven that way. Where we are around our favorite people doing our favorite things.

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Children are such blessings!

Anonymous said...

How precious, dear Monica.
What treasured memories with your little girls. I love it!
And who wouldn't want a car that all you did was press a button and it did all your work?
Thanks for sharing this special time.

Love you, Grandma

Melissa said...

What a sweet time with your girls. I smiled through every word. The car ideas are grand! I want one!!!