Friday, April 29, 2011

The growing list ...

102. Science projects on the kitchen counter.
103. Beams of sunlight coming through in the evening.

104. Little girls loving to play dress ups with my clothes and shoes.

105. God's creativity in providing food for us.

106. Freckled noses.
107. Wavy hair.
108. Jewel tone shirts!

109. Fun mail!
110. Inspiring Ideas!

111. Love notes.

112. Sunlight reflecting on water.

113. Sunsets - minutes from our house.
114. Creating special memories together.
115. Breeze coming off the water.
116. Sound of the water waves coming ashore.

117. Cardinals building a nest in our front rose bush!

118. Waiting for cookies to bake!

119. Threadbare (loved) little animals!

120. A friend who shared her fresh-picked strawberries.
121. And, suggested we make strawberry preserves together!
122. Time with a friend!

123. Our garden - all a gift from Him

124. Freshly home-canned preserves!
125. Canning jars.
126. Adding embellishments - sharing of myself. (Thank you, swap buddy!)

127. Sweet smelling fence vines.
128. Chippy paint.

129. Grape vines bearing fruit for the first time!

130. Winning a coloring contest!

131. Blooms coming on hydrangeas - these make me smile!

132. A few days after the nest photos above - I found Mama Cardinal sitting in her nest!
133. New life!


*carrie* said...

What a lovely list, Monica. And I learned a couple updates from it, as well. Where was R's coloring contest? And strawberries so soon? Wow! It will be two more months before they appear around here! Yummy.

Patty Williams said...

Thank you -thank you !

Love all the photos, they warm my heart. Especially love the bird ones..

Wish we were neighbors ! ♥

Mom said...

Wonderful photo list of blessings! Love you lots, Mom

Agnes said...

Just one word: beautiful.


angie said...

Lovely list! Strawberries so soon? We will wait until Memorial Day.
Curious about the magazine/book "Notebook". Can you tell me what it is? Loved the front cover.
I am thankful for the new--bright green--leaves on the trees and beautiful buds on the crab apple trees.

Shelby said...

I to wish were neighbors as well. Love the pictures of the girls, also I can't wait to make Strawberry preserves:)

Anonymous said...

Loved the photos and your continuing list. What magazine is the one with the Inspiring Ideas that is on your list? Looks like an interesting magazine.