Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To See Like My Savior: Blindness Part 1

A big portion of this series will be devoted to living out the Prescription! This is where it really hits our everyday lives and a place we should definitely camp out! This month, we'll look at the use of the word blind in Scripture and see what we can learn about how God wants us to see! Would you like to join me?

SEE - Blindness Word Study

I'm going to go ahead and post the whole study now - but only highlight one section each week. This week - we'll look at passages referring to blindness in the Old Testament. There are 25 Old Testament references listed here which I found in Strong's Concordance.

As I went through and looked each of these up - I found myself considering whether or not God was referring to physical, spiritual or figurative blindness. So, you will see a place for you to circle P S or F on each line to remind you which kind of blindness we are being taught about.

In some cases, I thought it was more than one kind of blindness or saw how it could refer to both physical and spiritual blindness. And, there is really no correct answer - just read with an open heart asking God to show you what He wants you to learn from His Word and note those things here.

Let's go ahead and look at the first passage together:

Exodus 4:11, "The Lord said to him, 'Who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute? Who gives him sight or makes him blind? Is it not I, the Lord?'

First of all, does this refer to physical blindness, spiritual blindness or both? I wrote down physical - but since the Lord is speaking it could truly be any of the answers. I think that is important to note - we will each interpret the verses with the measure of grace God has given to each of us. There are not right or wrong answers - but His answers!

To me, it stands out in this verse that God is the one who gives and withholds sight. It reminds me of His authority and strength. He is worthy, He is almighty.

Note: As you are working through these passages, when you see a theme emerge - go ahead and make a note of that at the end of the chart. We'll come back to reviewing those later, just note them for now.

Ok, I'm not going to muddy the waters with any further words - but feel free to print out the study and see for yourself what God's Words says about blindness: physical, spiritual and otherwise.

PS: If you want to read this entire series on seeing - click the eye chart button on my right sidebar or click here.

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~katie~ said...

Oh Monica, I am beyond excited about this and would love to join you! Thanks for all the effort into this...looking forward to it!!