Monday, February 28, 2011

Haven: Day Two

How was your day? I love doing posts like this where I just share from the daily part of life. These are a treasure to me later to go back and revisit and just be encouraged!

I started my day in the Peace Retreat with Jesus Calling and my Bible. The verse I appreciated the most and have been thinking about through the day is Isaiah 61:10:

"I delight greatly in the Lord;
my soul rejoices in my God.
For he has clothed me with garments of salvation
and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness,
as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest,
and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels."

I love to start my day by reading/praying through Ann's 10 Point Manifesto to Joyful Mothering. Good, good, good reminders.

After this, it was time for breakfast! I had a pan full of leftover cinnamon rolls from a brunch on Saturday - that seemed perfect for today! It was a lovely spring morning and the birds were chirping and we enjoyed a nice breakfast on our screened in porch!

We read some new books and I had to walk over to the fence and take some pictures of this gorgeous tree in our neighbors yard!

Next it was time for chores and school! After all of that, we did our errands.

I had a Crystal day in shopping today - I was just saying yesterday to my Mom that I can't seem to get my things to work out as low as she does - but today I take it all back!

First, I went to Walgreens - I stopped at the checkout first because I noticed in the ad that if you bought $15 in Coke products you got $15 in coupons. But, I wondered what kind of coupons? After checking with two managers, they agreed that I would qualify for $15 in Register Rewards. Um, that is $15 in free Coke - I'll take it! The RR did not print, but they gave me the $15 on a gift card that I can use next time. If you go, I can't promise your store will give the same deal - but it would sure be worth checking out!

Transaction one:
3 - 12 pack Coca Cola 3/$13
3 - 2 Liters Coca Cola 4/$5 ($3.75)
Total: $16.92 - $15 back on gift card = $1.92

Transaction two:
Huggies Diapers - $8.99 sale price; $2.00 mfr. coupon and $2 back in RR = $4.99
Baby Magic Body Wash - $3 sale price; $3 back in RR = free
Aquaphor Lip Care - $4.99 sale price; $1.00 mfr. coupon and $4 back in RR = free
Colgate toothpaste - $2.99 sale price; $0.75 mfr. coupon and $3 back in RR = made 0.75
Storage Bags - 99 cents sale this week
TUF Trash Bags - $2.99 sale this week
Kleenex four pack - $4; $2.00 Walgreens coupon = $2
Total out of pocket: $10.22

Transaction three:
Huggies Diapers - $8.99 sale price; $2.00 mfr. coupon and $2 back in RR = $4.99

Then, to Publix - I wanted to get the Green Giant Veggies while they were on sale with coupons and as if that Coke deal wasn't good enough - this turned out even better! I had some Publix store coupons that were for $1 off of four cans of Green Giant veggies and I wasn't sure if they would allow me to use five of those - so I just asked before she rang up my order and she said I could use all of them!

Green Giant Veggies: on sale B1G1 (.66 or .67 each sale price) - buy 20 and use $5/20 coupon from the Italian Days booklet; also use 5 $1/4 GG veggie coupons from the Italian Days coupon
I also bought the Brownies for Ellie's birthday party and used a $4 RR from Walgreens (our Publix allows shoppers to use one RR on their purchase)
Total out of pocket: $1

Lunch and then Quiet Time! Last night Rachel informed me that today was Ellie's birthday. Ellie is her pink elephant that she sleeps with and loves to pieces. So, after QT - they began setting up Ellie's party. Balloons from the grocery store, lego letters spelling her name and a box of brownies with sprinkles made it all special! And, a new puzzle was fun too - though a bit challenging for our little girls!

When we had that all cleaned up - it was time to leave for dance classes which got us home at dinner time. I had gotten a free rotisserie chicken which I saved for tonight and we had corn and fresh strawberries too!

Things are ready to go for our day at CC tomorrow and I'm tired! I really enjoyed reading your posts this evening, and pray that God will bless each of our homes as we create them into havens for our families!

Challenge for tomorrow:

We'll be away from home for a lot of the day - so I'm going to have to get more creative with my Haven challenges! But, here are a few thoughts:

* Write a note to someone - handwritten! Pray and ask God who would be blessed by a note of encouragement and then follow through!

* Pick one space to tidy up in my home - for me, this will be my kitchen counters.

* Pray for my home to be a haven.

* Take a few pictures of things that catch your eye - His beauty around you!

One last thing - as if this post isn't already enormous enough! If you'd like to win a set of the books I showed above - please leave a comment sharing something about how you made your home a haven and I'll draw a winner on Wednesday night!


Anonymous said...

We have a workcrew of 4 guys helping us with a construction project this week, and I was blessed to be able to keep their supper warm w/o drying it out when they called and said they'd be an hr later for supper. Could've been a dried up mess...but God worked it out!

~eunice b
tigergal01 @gmail .com

Unknown said...

I liked your day. And I like it when we as a family have a day like this too.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Monica...another great post. Oh, I loved the pictures of the girls hosting a party for the pink elephant :) :) That's so sweet and those are the moments to really cherish. Plus , your breakfast sounds awesome.

My father and I had what we call "special breakfast"...eggs, hashrowns, sausage. He cooks it and we eat breakfast on my grandmother's wedding china. It's too pretty too sit in a cupboard. Somehow breakfast tastes better on pretty dishes. I still haven't found "charming milk" in a glass bottle, but I won't give up :) :)

Let's see, what else...I"m working on getting some of my yard sale finds fixed up. I wrote a letter to a friend last week. It felt really good to write a real letter. Photos with my camera are a given.

Oh, i posted something this last week, I wrote out a Scripture verse on some nice paper, decorated it and put on the windowsill above my kitchen and keeping God's Word always in my heart, even while doing dishes :) :)

I know this comment is really long, but your post was really good..Your neighbors flowers are gorgeous. There's this one lonely tree here in town. It's a magnolia and the blooms are so beautiful. Your neighbor's tree is gorgeous. Is that a pink magnolia? well, even if I'm wrong, that's what I imagine the most beautiful magnolia's to look like...creamy white/pink :) :) Have alovely week, Monica. thanks for all the really fun inspiration!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

p.s. Awesome job on saving all that money at the store. I LOVE using coupons and saving money.

*carrie* said...


Thank you for these posts. I love that Ellie had a birthday party. =) Glad you scored some good deals today.

I cleaned the microwave, which I had been putting off for, ahem, weeks. It took FIVE minutes to give it a good scrub!

pippasmum said...

That looks like a wonderful day! I am so envious of the screened in porch. That is something that I have always wanted to have in my home.
We have the same puzzle and while my daughter is only up to doing the centre circle, we really enjoy it.

Cortney said...

Today I had the day off and wanted to join you in making my home a haven. Although I don't have children yet, I still notice the difference in my own attitude when my home isn't running smoothly.
Today I cleaned my bedroom and loaded up a trash bag full of clothes and extra things to donate to a local ministry.
Tomorrow I've got a list of people I need to write some notes to, thanks for giving me the inspiration to actually write them!

Thank you for sharing the verse today. I'm getting married in June and have been getting my dress and accessories all together. That verse hit me today when I thought about how carefully and lovingly I'm putting together my bridal ensemble, and how God clothes us with His salvation in a way much like that. It is the most beautiful gift we will ever receive

Lee said...

Today I purposes in my heart to watch how my attitude was reflected in my words. I've been convicted more and more about how my word reflect my heart and are an indication of my heart.

Blissful & Domestic said...

I am so excited that you are doing another "Make your Home a Haven" weel. I was so tired when I logged on tonight to check mail and I still have many tasks ahead of me I must do tonight to prepare for school tomorrow, but somehow reminding myself to make each day fun for my littles and to focus a little more on making my home a haven has brought some peace and energy to my heart. Thank you Monica so much. I am planning on joining in on the fun and peace. Oh and the books looked like some fun ones. hope you and your littles enjyoed them:>

asnipofgoodness said...

I hung some plates on the wall. It was a small thing really, but it was such a pick me up for the room, and my spirits. Maybe I will share it soon on my blog. Love your post, and admire your couponing Monica. And the birthday for Ellie, so sweet!

Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

I really love your blog and appreciate the link to the 10 points of Joyful Parenting. I even shared it on my FB.

I've had this cute little black board for awhile now.I've recently decided to list important things for my family to pray for such as a good friends new pregnancy and thanking God for His grace.

MH said...

Your post yesterday morning was extra motivation I needed. Our home has become cluttered in the past few weeks of busy-ness. Yesterday I worked on de-cluttering and swapping out some seasonal decorations in favor of more spring-y touches. (Though I am jealous of your weather and blooming trees, not spring yet here!)
orangetriangle2 AT yahoo

heicoc said...

I'm teaching Preschool now so I'm gone all day but I did tidy up some yesterday and made a pineapple upside down cake for dinner. Today I will write my note to my daughters preschool teacher.

Heather said...

Love your spring pictures--we won't have spring for a couple more months yet in MN, but I'm hopeful!

A couple things I did to make our home a haven were to play princess dolls WITH our girls (usually they play by themselves) and make a spring wreath for our door.

Our oldest has been planning b-day parties for her stuffed animals too--she even has their b-days all written out on a calendar! The Little Debbie snack cakes are sure handy for quick little parties.

Lisa @ Simply Things Family said...

Thanks for another inspiring post. Many of the things you do I did with my oldest. I am home everyday with my youngest and don't do as much with her. For this week, I plan to.
One thing that my girls did last night was pull out their long-neglected paper dolls. Oh, they both had so much fun.

Anonymous said...

My home felt like a Haven last night! After work, I went straight to the Master Bathroom and gave it a good cleaning. This room is a chore for me and I usually put it off until I am disgusted with myself for putting it off. I cleaned the majoprity of the house Saturday except the Master Bathroom so at this point my home is clean, tidy and smells wonderful.
Thank you for the challenge!
And I am inspired by your shopping deals. I will be working on ways to do the same.

Jenny Goldsby

Becky said...

I tried making my home a haven by stopping to interact with my kids more as I also worked on productive tasks that helped our home feel more calm and simple.

Thanks for the Haven week - and for the opportunity to win these books!

Jodi said...

I am enjoying your posts! To make my home more of a haven I completely cleaned out the refrigerator - I had put it off for too long! Then, I made a wall in our basement playroom the kids' "Art Gallery" where all their art work is displayed next to pictures of family and friends.

Debra said...

Great Post Monica. I love when you do this. I had a really crazy, non stop Monday but loved being able to make tacos for my family and my hubby's friend & daughter when he came over to help my husband finish installing the dish washer. I had limited counterspace and water but it felt nice and homey!

Have a great day!

Katie @ Domestic Debacle said...

I just bought all new furniture for my living room. Going from torn, mismatched to nice brown leather! It certainly has made my home more of a haven now!

Amy said...

Well...honestly my home today WAS a haven...for two sick little boys. Our 4 year old spent much fo the day cuddled into mommy's chest being rocked and read/sung to. I also got the laundry done for the week in between cuddles.

Doesn't seem like much but I want him to someday remember that mommy always was there to make it better. ;)

Anonymous said...

I went to Walgreens this afternoon to try the Coke deal...I got three 12 packs for $10 plus the 2 liter was on 4 for $5...for a total of $15 plus tax. The coupons did not print so they gave me $15 in cash! I thought this deal was too good to be true. So...

I tried another Walgreens and the coupons did not print - again! But the manager scanned it again at a higher price and the coupons printed but it was 7 coupons for $2 or $3 off misc. products - not a registered rewards program and not $15 off any product just the random items like Ritz Crackers $2 off etc.

Phyllis said...

Your breakfast looked so pleasant, the tea party was adorable, and a lovely quick and easy dinner. Sounds like a lovely day to me!

angie said...

These haven posts give direction to my days--thank you!
I did write a postcard to a member of my life group who could not attend last week. I put a stack of postcards in my life group folder so that I can remember to write to one member each week.
I didn't concentrate on tidying one space; instead I put away all of the winter decor and put spring in its place. So nice to see bright colors in my haven! I got out my kids alphabet blocks and put into a wooden box in the family room. I think my kids will have fun spelling out messages for the family to read.
I printed Ann's manifesto. I don't remember reading those before even though I follow her blog. I will read through them often.
Your girls' tea set and tablecloth match--how sweet for Ellie's birthday party. They are following in their mama's example by setting a tea party for ones they love.
The puzzle is cool--circular ones are challenging. The link went to a blank Dayspring page. I assume that it was purchased from there.

H. Fields said...

I got paperwork in i can focus on making the rest of the home completely orderly. One thing at a time. :)

Amy said...

To make my home a haven today I got cobwebs and dust down from up high. It's amazing when you step up on a stool and have a different perspective how much you see! It felt good to get it cleaned up! We also ate a nice big bowl of fresh strawberries. Normally I would have put them in a plastic container, but got out my crystal bowl to make it special today! Thanks for your encouragement. God bless you!
brian amy 10 at hotmail dot com

Shannon said...

Monica - Do you know the name of that gorgeous tree? They are blooming everywhere around here and I can't find anyone who knows what kind of tree it is! I'm about ready to just start knocking on doors:)

Monica Wilkinson said...

Shannon: I did not know what it was, though the blooms look very Magnolia like. I looked it up and indeed it is a variety of Magnolia called a Saucer Magnolia. I learned something new!

One Faithful Mom said...

I linked to our Teddy Bear birthday party. Hope it's alright.
Currently trying to get caught up on can't enjoy our home if they have no clean clothes to wear!!

Kim said...

What a great post! I'm trying to make my home a haven for my hubby and 4 boys.