Monday, February 07, 2011

Always Counting....

I'm keeping my Gratitude list and my girls are continuing theirs. And, I find that mentally, I'm adding thanks too! In addition, when I go back through my pictures - I find new things to be
thankful for!

71. "Mama! Come look!" ~ little voices calling me to see the beauty in God's creation!

72. Branches that look like arms outstretched in praise to Him!

73. Science in our own kitchen!

74. I read in Jesus Calling one morning about faith being like walking a tight rope with His perfect safety net underneath. That very morning, we are headed to the circus! His timing!!

75. Cars parked in piano key spaces.

76. Lunch tea parties!

77. Sweet special treats (and so pretty!) from Grammie!

78. Crafting together!

79. Pencil shavings.

80. I love the crisp lines on the underside of this mushroom ~ God gave us such amazing things to observe!

81. Are any words really necessary?

82. Studying His Word.

83. Their own "recipe" ~ pretzel sticks and blueberries together!

84. New, growing, tender life on these sprigs I cut and brought inside two weeks ago!

85. A pretty clipboard for my lists! (Thanks, Angie!)

86. Blog-met friends who bless again and again!

87. Making the everyday special!

88. Little ones who appreciate little details!

89. The promise of Spring.

90. The blessing of the looking and counting and seeing!


Katy said...

Simply beautiful and sweet, dear Monica. :) Have a wonderful day ahead!

LynnMarie said...

I'm glad that the promise of Spring is someplace - up here we still have over 30 inches of snow and ice to dig through. Great photos!

*carrie* said...


What an ingenius idea to park little cars between piano keys. Just another reason Nathan would enjoy having one at our house! =)

I've hidden our "Grammie Valentine cakes" away until V-day. They're going to be excited!

Danielle said...

My kids love to make grape/pretzel popsicles :0)

peggy said...

A beautiful collection of photos for us this Monday morning. Thanks so much.

angie said...

It brings to mind the question: Are happy people more thankful?
Are thankful people happier?
Either way I agree with the benefits of being mindful of our blessings.

Flannel Jammies Farm said...

Joining you, and all the other sweet ones, keeping lists of thanks. Thank you for sharing your list and your wonderful photos with us!

Wendi said...

Beautiful pictures! I enjoy peeking at your list.

Mom said...

Here are some things I'm thankful for today:

- Five healthy, smart, beautiful grandchildren!!

- For the parents of the aforementioned adorable grandchildren who are raising them to love God and His Word

- For digital photos, e-mail, and blogs that help bridge the distance between us

Great photos -- thanks for sharing! Love you, Mom

Tim and Susan said...

I have been working on my gifts list too and have been really blessed to be more purposeful in giving thanks.
Always love the beautiful pictures on your blog. Thanks for blessing my day!!

Patty Williams said...

Such cute photos ..thank you !

Visiting your blog , always brings me a bit of peace--- if only for a moment or two, so thank you !

rachel@thecupcakesprinklesinlife said...

Lovely moments Monica! And I agree- meeting blog friends in real life is quite special... :)