Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are we giving only leftovers?

Ann's post of mother ducks plucking feathers from their chests to line their nests is hard to forget. Why did I think they used feathers from the ground? I never realized she plucked the feathers from herself - the best of herself to warm her little ones.

How often do I give only leftovers?


I can't get this thought out of my mind. Am I giving my family the best of myself? The very best I have to offer? Because truly, how I serve my family is how I'm serving my God. Am I giving Him my best?

When I wash the little sheets - do I use the good lavender scented soap that they may never notice? Do I plan fun things for them whether or not we are expecting company to join in the fun?

When you are reaching out to someone else, you are likely giving of your best. A great dinner delivered to a friend - what is your family eating that night?

And, so - as my first Gathering for Blessings Unlimited approached - this was on my heart to share. I purchased some inexpensive craft feathers and just tied them to pieces of heavy weight paper.

I showed the picture of the ducks (see Ann's link above) and I suggested we ponder whether we are giving leftovers or our best. How often am I wasting time or doing something I may want to do instead of what I need to be doing? Instead of giving my very best to my family and my home?

That morning, I read Psalm 52:8 in my Quiet Time:

"But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God..."

This actually spurred me on to look up verses about olive trees and to study them a bit more - but I'll save that for another post. I see it fitting in with what we give:

* a tree is alive: life-giving; roots are deep and it is receiving the nourishment it needs
* a tree is giving: gives shade, produces blossoms, leaves, fruit

If I am where I am supposed to be in my home - with my roots deep in His Word, I will flourish and will be a blessing to my family and home. Oh, this is right where I want to be!

I don't want to be like a pitiful and puny tree that is struggling to stay alive - but to live in the house of the Lord and flourish!

Now, I'm asking God to show me - where am I only giving my leftovers when I should be giving of my very self and the best I can give.

* * *

A special thanks to each of you who have supported me in this
opportunity with Blessings Unlimited!


Cortney said...

Thanks for the encouraging post- I needed to hear that today

flyonthewall said...

I am deeply convicted and motivated by your desires to serve your family so lovingly! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this today and inspring us from God's Word! Although I don't know you personally, whenever I stop in to read your blog, you are always a blessing to me. (-: And now I will go meditate upon how I can be a better blessing to my dear family.

Leah said...

Thank you so much for this, just what I needed to hear! I'm going to get off the computer right now and spend time with my littles!! :)

Tami said...

Thanks for a GREAT reminder! What we give to our families on a daily basis is SO important...some days are harder than others aren't they?!!? It is only by God's grace on some days that we can pick ourselves up and determine to give our very best! I love that we can use one of God's creatures to remind us of that...I love to watch our chickens and bunnies care for their young...such selfless behavior they demonstrate. Here's to being rooted in the Lord and finding nourishment to go forth with the wonderful job of being a Mommy that he has given us!! Blessings on our day!

Ami said...

I just finished reading Family Driven Faith and I was challenged by the section that encouraged putting scripture and godly things all around you in your home. I think those products look great for surrounding yourself with the word!

Blissful & Domestic said...

What a wonderful message. Thank you so much Monica:>