Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Homespun Thanksgiving for Children: Table Decorations

Now, moving to the table - I have a couple of ideas for things for you to make to help decorate the table!

Tomorrow, we'll tie this all together and I'll have a centerpiece idea, simple placemats, a name tag idea plus a giveaway! Hope you've enjoyed these ideas this week!

Let's start with a few basics - the main thing you'll need is construction paper - I've chosen to just do all primary colors. Lots and lots of colors is what you'll see once I show you my table! But this is the foundation.

One sheet of each of seven colors should be all you need for the runner, a little favor and the centerpiece for four children at least! You'll also need some ribbon or twine - I love this twine that is $1 a spool! Lasts a long time and works for so many different projects! I consider this one a staple in my crafting cabinet!

Cut out a triangle to create a pennant look - then fold the top edge back and trim off the points to get this shape - use your first one as your pattern:

Now, using your pattern - cut one triangle from each of the colors (you can cut at least three sheets at a time!) for each child you are planning to have at your dinner. Go ahead and fold those edges back across the top - this will make a simple "casing" for you to glue the twine on!

Now, glue the triangles onto your length of twine - I did mine in rainbow order - but you can do whatever you like!

Once your garland is created - decide which child this garland is for and start writing things you are thankful for about that child. This will be a sweet and small, yet very meaningful gift you can put at each child's place and show them how special they are. I hope to hang these over my children's beds for a while!

Gather the garland and slide into a cute little cellophane bag:

A simple tag helps remind you which one is for which child! Don't tie these closed as it will be so hard for them to get them open. These little cellophane bags come with twist-ties and this is much simpler for little fingers.

Don't have cellophane bags? How about wrapping this in a cute envelope or a piece of waxed paper - don't run out and get what I'm showing, simply look around for what you have on hand! Even if you only have a plain white envelope - think of what you can do to dress it up a little with stickers, stamps or even coloring a simple picture or writing their name in fun colors!

Incidentally, I made four of these garlands during one hour of Quiet Time - they are not time intensive and I think my children will appreciate this special idea!

If you are going to have a child at your dinner that is not one of your children - how about making up a blank garland and giving it to their parents ahead of time so it can be a special gift from them?!

Now, that we have that done - let's start on the table runner. One time when I was in Michael's I came across this roll of burlap garland! It was one of those things I knew I would think of something to make with it even though I did not have an idea at the moment! And, with a 40% off coupon - how could I go wrong for only a few dollars?

Starting with a piece of burlap or this burlap garland - cut a piece of burlap to fit the center of your table. Since I used the garland - I hot glued twine to the cut edge to keep it from fraying.

Using your same triangle pattern from above - cut the folded edge off of your pattern. For this part, you don't need that fold anymore. Now, cut out as many triangles as it will take for you to go all the way around your runner. For me, this was about four of each color.

Once you have those cut out, glue them to the seam of your runner on the under-side.

You can write anything you want on these triangles or leave them plain. I wanted to use a Bible verse and chose Psalm 107:1, "Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever." Since one word on each triangle plus the reference on one equals fourteen - I was able to write the verse twice around mine by putting one word on each triangle.

Don't put your construction paper and hot glue away yet! You'll need them for the centerpiece which I'll show you tomorrow!


Dorie said...

Great idea with neat results!

Anonymous said...

Monica, you are so inspiring! What wonderful memories you are making with your children by using the gifts and talents God has given you. Love~Christy S.

Tasha said...

I absolutely LOVE this idea! If we were having Thanksgiving here I would have to do this. I may do something like this for Christmas.
GREAT idea Monica! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see the centerpiece.

Cheryl said...

Monica you have shared such great ideas this week for a beautiful table for the Thanksgiving holidays.
looking forward to seeing what you use for a centerpiece.

~katie~ said...

What a way to celebrate your children...and others! Yay for M&J!! :-) So thoughtful!

Kaira said...

I like this idea a lot! I'm worried a bit about the my boys tearing the paper but I might try this with fabric - it would be more durable. Great idea - thanks!

Pamela said...

I love seeing your creativity. And the way you shelter your sweet family is precious.

angie said...

Love this idea, and since I already have the same burlap roll, I think I will make them for my children. I had already cut mine to use as a runner down the center of my dining room table and also on my mantle. I like the idea of adding twine to prevent fraying.
For the triangles, I was thinking of making the construction paper a square and then cutting out 4 triangles from each square. Do you think that is about the size of yours?
Just wondering--are you a fast worker? I wonder how you are able to accomplish so much craftiness. I have yet to even put away stuff I got from a craft store yesterday.
I have never been to a Hobby Lobby. My husband shopped for me in one in Denver and said that I would love it.