Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Waiting Gracefully: Prepare Yourself

I see my blog as an outlet for myself - but I also see it as a ministry and a journal for my children to read when they are grown! I have a few more posts in this series and want to finish it especially for my own daughters!

As I was waiting for God to provide a husband for me - I was conscious of preparing myself to be in a good place when that happened. For example, I did not want to bring debt to a marriage. So, I worked at being debt free, having a good savings account and investing in my future.

One of the ways I contributed to our home once we got married is by the furniture I had bought when I was single. I tried to make family-friendly decisions and yet, still choose things I liked. I did not want to invest in a table that would not expand to get larger just to have to buy another one later on. I was conscious of trying to make good decisions in my purchases and saw it as a way of investing in my home both at the time and for the future I prayed for.

How will my decisions as a single affect my married life?

Is there something I want to learn during this season? Canning, sewing, bread making, etc... this is a great season to take the opportunity to do some of these things.

All these things helped in preparing me for coming into marriage without debt, but rather with some investments for our home and future family.


Anonymous said...

You are a wise woman of the Lord. I believe that as we give our hearts and lives to the Lord that He will bless us with wisdom, even in the small areas of our lives. I so enjoy your blog, Monica. God bless you and your family today! :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Monica!
so glad you have comments on again. : )
This has been a good series. I especially like this post. You were very intentional in your waiting. What a wonderful legacy you will be leaving your children.
I wish I had the same forethought when I was dating my hubby.
Have a blessed day!

Michelle said...

These are great thoughts for us moms to take with us as we teach our daughters how to prepare for life and marriage!

Wendi said...

A great reminder to learn during this season. Once you get busy with home and littles it is sometimes hard to find the time to learn new things.

Jessie Shock said...

A really good book that you may be interested in is, "CREATED TO BE HIS HELP MEET" and also "PREPARING TO BE HIS HELP MEET" by Debi Pearl. Michael & Debi Pearl also have some books on child rearing & training that are great!

Tancy said...

Monica, That is a beautiful testimony. I am sure you husband was blessed by your thoughtfulness. My husband and I have often talked about how it must be hard for a man to marry a girl that has debt. God bless you!

Mary Ann said...

This was a great post! I am impressed by how intentional you were.

I've enjoyed this series and so much of it can be applied to other areas of life as well.