Monday, October 11, 2010

Homespun Harvest: Fluffing

Welcome to the photo tour of our Harvest Party!

I did not host this last year, but Emily and a friend both asked for its return - so here it is! We did things just a little bit differently this year as we had it in the evening and made it a family event - this worked out great!

I set up this little photo area for families to get their pictures taken together. My sweet friend, Susan, generously gave me all the beautiful flowers from her farm!!!
Oh, they added such lovely beauty and I was praising God for her generosity.

I made the burlap banner - simply cut triangles out of burlap and painted on the letters freehand. Then hot glued this to some twine and that was it!

A thrifted thermos on top of my great-grandmas ladder made a cute addition to the setting!

More of the beautiful flowers that were shared with us!

A few family pictures!

More of the party to come tomorrow!