Friday, August 13, 2010

Waiting Gracefully: Get to know Yourself

One of the things I used my time as a single person to do, was to get to know myself. The best way to represent my true self to others is to really know who I am.

This is a process and for me, was gradual. But, I did a spiritual gifts class at church, did personality tests (for the record, I'm an ISTJ) and did an extensive personality test via the site where David and I met.

All of these things, plus just a learning and listening to myself helped me to get to know who I was so that I could be an accurate representation of who I was and am.


Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

You got my attention in the first line or two...I've been thinking of a doing a post similiar to this sometime.

It's so important to know yourself. I loved (appreciated) taking that extensive personality test through the same site. I learned so much about me, myself and I.

What's been funny, to me, is that I thought I did (know myself pretty good) that is, until I got married... that is, until I began having children. ;)

There are far too many days when I have no idea "who that was". I can sometimes scare myself right out the back door, if you know what I mean.

Milissa said...

I love Myers Briggs. Thanks for sharing. :) (I'm and E/ISTP.)

Mom said...

Some people never really figure out who they are, but it is a very helpful thing to know -- especially before you marry! Good advice -- thanks for sharing. Love you, Mom

Cheryl said...

The hubs took a personality for a thing they did at work and he had me take it too. Turns out we are both ISFJ's.
Similiarly, we both have a few areas where we are the same in our spiritual gifts.
What a blessing that the Lord has fitted me with my perfect match.

Agnes said...

that is so funny I am also ISTJ. but I still don't know who I am and what I want... I am still in search of this... any idea on how to find this?

Anonymous said...

Hey Monica,

Thanks for sharing! I love Myers-Briggs, too. I am an INFP who truly is an "I" at heart but has developed her "E" side as an adult!

Michelle in Georgia

LynnMarie said...

Great advice! We change over time so it may be a good idea to do this again if your life has changed because of children, death, divorce, marriage or moving a lot. All of these can change who we are. Not always, but I have seen some people change because of what life has put in there path.

~katie~ said...

A spiritual gifts class sounds very beneficial!! Would love to participate in one sometime.

Angelia said...

What truely wise advice Monica. I loved this! I do wish I had been given this advice when I was younger so I pray many young ladies will read this and heed the lovely guidance and gain peace from knowing who they are. Praise God that without even knowing how to know myself...He was and is in the process of teaching me... I am still in that process and enjoying more and more being that woman God designed me to be and as you said "representing" that in an authentic fashion. smiles, Angelia in TX

Mary Ann said...

I'm an ISTJ too!

Love studying personality types. Very helpful.

Since we met on that same site, I also did their extensive personality assessment and honestly I didn't think it sounded much like me. Maybe me at a previous time in my life. My husband's was right on and was quite beneficial to him so perhaps it just was me and the way I answered the questions.:-)

Rachel Renee said...

Excellent advice! I'd like to add to that: learning to be comfortable in your own skin and secure and confident in who you are... And realizing that you are complete even before you get married!

Thanks for sharing!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

This is a great idea...Im' still single and I love all these ideas for growing in my walk with God and also thinking about whoever that guy might be before I meet him...does that make sense? I pray to God about it, even though I have no idea who it is yet. I'm still thinking about your post from awh ile back where you wrote this journal for your future hubby!!! I may start one of those myself!!! Have a lovely weekend, Monica. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)