Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School: Proverbs Growth Chart

As I was planning for our school beginning - I wanted to incorporate some fun traditions that we could revisit each year. And, after pondering wisdom and thinking on that - I thought it would be fun to incorporate Scripture into a fun photo tradition!

I was hoping to scan this in and offer it here for you to print it out - but our scanner wasn't working and I needed to get it laminated and attached all together. So, unfortunately - all I can offer is the idea on how to make your own!

I simply used a ruler to mark the inches on the edge and then some fun paper to make a really tall house! I printed out Proverbs 24:3-4 and glued those words onto the house. I love how it turned out and can't wait to have a collection of pictures next to this sign!

When you have made all your pages (I laminated mine) you will punch holes and tie them together with ribbon like this:

This is great for holding it together, but also makes it fold easily for storing between uses:

I also made a small sign that has the year on it for my children to hold when I take their picture! This one has 2010 on one side and 2011 on the other side, so I'm all set for next year!

Hope you have fun with this - we have! I had really hoped to hang it outside on a tree and take their pictures outside - outdoor pictures just turn out SO much better! But, it was raining, so inside we were!

Here is what it would look like on the tree just to satisfy my the picture I had in my mind! :)


~katie~ said...

Your creativity abounds! So so precious!

Wendi said...

I love the idea of taking a picture of the children in front of the growth chart. Great idea!

My Little Part of Heaven said...

what cute little munchkins!
you are trullllyyyyy blessed

Kristin said...

Wonderful idea!! Your children are so blessed to have such a fun, creative, Godly mother!

Cheryl said...

your creativity never ceases to amaze me. I love how you incorporate God's word into your families lives. This growth chart is adoreable. Love how the house is built as you go down through the verse..and oh my your littles certainly are growing so fast. Beautiful!
Stop by my blog to see my current piece of subway art that I made with scripture.

Agnes said...

what a lovely idea

angie said...

What a wonderful idea!
I just measured my kids' heights and marked them on a stud in the basement. I seem to remember to do so right before the start of school. I think I am reminded when I have them try on pants for school and realize how much they have grown over the summer. Something about sunshine, chlorine, and popsicles that makes their legs grow!
I will print out that Proverb to post above our growth marks on the wall.

rachel@thecupcakesprinklesinlife said...

Very Cute Monica...
Something to truly treasure!

Angelia said...

Hello Monica This is very "wise" :D . I am blessed with your wisdom of ideas and thoughtful plans. I am certainly going to try making this. I have always been drawn to the study of this verse too and love the tanglibe way you made this into a growth chart. It makes me think about the time it takes for us to truely grow ... a lifetime. I was reading this today b/c it is the
24th and I thought of you :)
I see your lovely garland from the book you recommended ( I bought the book "Bits and Pieces" and love it! I have made the sassy hair poeny and making the rabbit for my son who loves Pooh Bear- we found Pooh material to make "rabbit" I only have the pattern and fabric cut out for now... It is a project in progress) Thank you so much for taking the time share.
with a warm hug, Angelia in Tx

*carrie* said...

Such a cute--and meaningful--idea! Hope today went well.

Becky RAnsom said...

Monica, Love the sign idea, and the kids are just too cute!!!
I found you blog from the Creative Connection list of vendors.
My computer skills are extremly lacking and I am trying to find someone to tell me about the retreat.
I want to go this year for the first time but have no idea what to expect? But I think I would love it!
Would appreciate ANY words of advice.

Melissa said...

Excellent idea! Seeing all the fun stuff you created for your children encouarges me so much. I can't wait to homeschool!!! Although, I think one of these growth charts could be used now.

Lynn B said...

Sweet, sweet! What a lovely idea, and beautifully executed. Have a wonderful school year!

Hattie said...

I am a senior citizen, but I love reading your ideas. Both signs are so good and the pictures will preserve precious memories. Will be such fun to look thru when the children are grown...For you and for them!
And I just have to comment on your precious little son's photo. I've noticed this before....He looks so much like his dad, don't you think? That must thrill your husband to no end! A sweet family you have!

Mom said...

What a clever way to combine Scripture into a growth chart to use throughout the years as the children grow in wisdom and stature! Love the photos :)
Love you, Mom

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

This is a great idea...and I love how you made those 2010/2010 signs and laminated them...Your children will really enjoy looking at those in future years :) :) :) It'll be really neat to see how they grow...literally and in their love for Jesus Christ :) Monica, you always have the most creative/fun ideas for kids that incorporate good, godly stuff!!! Your kiddoes are super cute too. I love their smiles!!! Those smiles are contagious!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Gina said...

Thank you so much! I love your ideas. I'm not a very crafty person but I think I could do this! And I LOVE that it is reusable every year! But the best part is how you incorporate Scripture!

I love your ideas and inspiration! Just coming here makes me want to do something special for my family!

Anonymous said...

Monica, I really like this. God Bless, Christy S.

Season of Life said...

This an adorable idea! I stumbled upon your blog and have been blessed by your creativity. Will revisit you again as time permits in the future...thanks for sharing such Christ-centered ideas for beautifying our homes and hearts.

In Him,