Friday, July 09, 2010


I mentioned in my big Road Trip idea post that I wanted to start our days on the road each day with some sort of devotional. But, then my mind kind of came up blank as to what to do and how to keep it simple enough for my little children.

When mentioning this to my sister, she suggested all of the journeys in the Bible and focusing on some of those during our own journey! I loved this idea and ran with it - here's what we did each day of our road trip:

* Journey One: Out of Egypt
- Read Exodus 12:31 - chapter 14 (or read the story from a children's Bible, which is what we chose to do!)
- What is a journey?
- Who was taking a journey in this story? Why were they going?
- Let's think about how they got there! Did they all get on a bus? Have cars? No, they walked! All the mamas, daddys, children and animals had to walk. How would you feel?
- Did they have a map? No, they followed God!
- How far was their journey?
- Name some ways God took care of them on their journey.
- Then, we colored a printable coloring page of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea and sang Pharaoh, Pharaoh!

* Journey Two: To Bethlehem
- Read Luke 2 (two journeys mentioned here: Mary and Joseph plus the 3 wise men)
- Why were they on this journey?
- Where were they going?
- How would you feel?
- How did they get there?
- Tell me some ways that God took care of them on their journey!
- Again, we colored a picture with Mary and Joseph traveling and sang Away in a Manger.

* Journey Three: To the Cross
- Read John 12:12 and John 18-19
- Who was on this journey?
- Where was He going?
- Why was He going there?
- How did He get there and how would you feel?
- Tell me some ways that God took care of Him and us on this journey?
- Did you know that we are on a journey toward Heaven? God will be with us and He will be there waiting for us when we arrive.
- I intended for us to sing the Wordless Book song and make a Wordless Book - but we did not get that done.

Don't forget the Travel Prayer! We started each day of our journey with this as well and rejoice in His provision of a safe journey.


~katie~ said...

Wonderful!! How very neat to start your days on the road remembering that God is with you and to show your little ones that He is the priority, no matter if we are on a road trip or at home! I love Carrie's journey devotional theme and love how you implemented it! Way to go you two ~ inspiring as always! Thanks for sharing!

Flannel Jammies Farm said...

Great devotions!

Jill said...

This is truly wonderful, and what a great memory as well as lesson you are giving your children. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!



Lisa @ Simply Things Family said...

Thanks! I saved this and we will use on our upcoming journey.